The Chic Minimalist Style of the Victoria Beckham Brand

Victoria Beckham has managed to cut through the noise in a very competitive industry—the collections from her eponymous clothing and accessory brand are instantly recognizable with their sophisticated, oversized, and feminine looks.

Victoria Beckham’s entrepreneurial spirit

In a little over a decade, Victoria Beckham went from pop music icon to WAG to businesswoman overseeing a fashion empire. She has made a name for herself with her avant-garde, elegant, and casual collections.

She has built a successful career on collaborations with top designers such as Marc Jacobs, who made her his muse and helped her gain recognition in the fashion community, and her mentor, French fashion designer Roland Mouret, as well as with top brands, such as her capsule collections with Reebok. She has also worked with cosmetics brands such as Estée Lauder and Target, and launched her own cosmetics line in 2019, Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Robe Victoria Beackham

Victoria Beckham dress

Veste Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham jacket

Chemise Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham blouse

Robe Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham dress

Sophisticated style with a 70s twist

Inspired by the feminine styles of the 70s, the collections skillfully combine oversized items to create a sophisticated look. They’re understated, modern, and convey a sense that there’s more to them than meets the eye, just like Victoria Beckham. The style may be simple and clean, but the details are bold and daring.

As a designer, Victoria Beckham creates comfortable clothing with elegant, feminine, minimalist lines.

The dresses, skirts and pants are long, flowy and belted. The suits are a sleek and chic feminine take on menswear items. The cuts are clean but daring, with features like ruffled collars, batwing sleeves, high-waisted pants, and jackets with shoulder pads. The clothes are made of delicate, fine, soft fabrics such as silk and wool as well as those that were popular in the 70s, like tweed.

Monture Victoria Beckham modèle 2611 couleur 104

Model 2611 color 104

Monture Victoria Beckham modèle 2602 couleur 606

Model 2602 color 606

Monture Victoria Beckham modèle 2601 couleur 001

Model 2601 color 001

Monture Victoria Beckham modèle 2104 couleur 040

Modèle 2104 couleur 770

Just like the clothing line, the sophistication of Victoria Beckham frames lies in the details.

They are hammered and engraved, like fine metal. The join at the temples forms a “V” for Victoria. Victoria Beckham’s initials are engraved on the inside of the nose pads, another clever detail that elevates the design.

Patterns and colours are thoughtfully combined, like pairing gold with tortoiseshell. Transparent materials are layered over opaque ones to give depth to these bold, chic frames.

The square or cat eye frames are large and open up the face by drawing attention to the eyes.  Contours created with colour and materials add a delicate touch to the frames. You can see the retro inspiration that is typical of the brand in the double bridges or the new take on the aviator.

These frames will make you stand out from the crowd with their stylish, bold looks.


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