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Sandro and ba&sh are among the up and coming brands of French fashion. They have a unique flair and a similar history and vision. They reflect the elegant, modern, and casual Parisian style. Their designers focused on comfort first, creating pieces that women—their primary target—feel good in.

Sandro was founded by Évelyne Chétrite and her sister Judith Milgrom. Born and raised in Morocco, they later moved to Paris’s Marais district, a fashion mecca that would leave its mark on the brand’s style. After achieving instant success, they opened their first boutique in 2004, with Évelyne brilliantly leading the charge of creating collections for women, men, and children.

Robe Sandro

Sandro Dress

Polo Sandro

Sandro Polo Shirt

Cardigan Sandro

Sandro Cardigan

Cardigan Sandro

Sandro Cardigan

ba&sh was created by Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief as a brand by women for women. With no formal training in fashion, these two friends created their dream wardrobe in 2003. Their style was simple and chic with subtle prints. Success came quickly. In the space of four years, the brand grew from its first boutique in Paris to 350 points of sale around the world.

Robe ba&sh

ba&sh Dress

Chemise ba&sh

ba&sh Shirt

Haut ba&sh

ba&sh Top

Robe ba&sh

ba&sh Dress

Sandro, a comfortable chic style

Sandro’s style could be summed up as chic comfort paired with typical Parisian casual elegance. The unmistakable romantic boho vibe is offset by luxurious prints.

Fabrics like silk, cotton, and cashmere are chosen for their comfort and elegance—they’re soft and delicate.

Dresses were the brand’s first iconic pieces. The collections grew to include jackets and accessories, then pieces for men and children. The men’s collection encompasses chic and the unconventional, with perfectly fitted styles and retro or oversized pieces for a unique look.

Sandro eyewear frames have an undeniable charm that reflects the brand, blending a rebellious and creative spirit with chic style. Tortoiseshell motifs combined with the very latest colour combinations and shapes result in trendy, urban designs. Thick frames featuring an ultrathin single or double bridge also look cool.

Sandro frames are unmistakable, offering both women and men a clean, sophisticated look.

Monture Sandro modèle 1007

Sandro, model 1007

Monture Sandro modèle SD2012

Sandro, model SD2012

Monture Sandro, modèle 2002

Sandro, model 2002

Monture Sandro modèle SD3005

Sandro, model SD3005

The bold and trendy ba&sh look

ba&sh is a perfect fusion of its two founders’ styles: urban rock and romantic boho.

The collections are distinctly Parisian, uniting freedom of expression with easy, joyful elegance. The pieces, cuts, and look are above all casual and feminine. Lush natural fabrics such as cotton voile, silk, and cashmere are soft, supple, and feel great to wear.

The brand’s iconic dresses are long, simple, and lightweight, featuring prints or embroidery and a unique flair. Jackets in natural fabrics as well as tunics, bags, scarves, and ethnic-inspired jewellery complete the line.

ba&sh offers women the brand’s trademark style in original, playful eyewear frames that are distinctively subtle and have their own special signature. Their wide square, round, and hexagonal designs create singular, one-of-a-kind looks. The bridges are thin and avant-garde in shape.

The play of colours and tortoiseshell patterns add a unique, elegant, and distinctive finishing touch.

These frames bring out the essence of women but are very thin and light, imbued with a chic romantic spirit.

Monture ba&sh modèle 1001

ba&sh, model 1001

Monture ba&sh modèle 1007

ba&sh, model 1007

Monture ba&sh modèle 1023

ba&sh, model 1023

Monture ba&sh modèle 1018

ba&sh, model 1018

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