Salvatore Ferragamo: Traditional craftsmanship meets edgy innovation

Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand with more than 90 years of history. Since 1927 the house has been raising the bar for elegance and inventiveness in the fashion industry. 

The heels of success

Salvatore Ferragamo made his first pair of shoes when he was only nine. As a child in Bonito, Italy, he dreamed of becoming a shoemaker. And that dream became a reality in 1923 when he opened his first shoe store in Hollywood. 

He met with near instant success. But the young artisan was not only concerned with how his products looked. In order to create footwear that was both exquisite and enjoyable to wear, he went to university to study anatomy. 

“Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” – Salvatore Ferragamo

In 1927 he left California and founded Ferragamo in Florence, Italy. His craftsmanship and clear love for the materials he worked with immediately earned him a strong reputation in the film industry. Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the stars who wore his shoes. Through the 30s and 40s he continued to revolutionize the shoe industry and show off his creations on the silver screen. 

The essence of Ferragamo

The house made a name for itself and left its mark on the fashion world with its distinctive Italian style, artisanal craftsmanship, and inventive design. 

Just a few of its most memorable creations include the Rainbow Sandal (made in 1938 for Judy Garland), the Invisible Sandal (which helped earn him the Neiman Marcus Award in 1947), and the Gancini (an iconic pattern designed in 1958). 

Inivisible Sandal drawing

Rainbow Sandal

Inivisible Sandals

Gancini clasp and pattern 

Salvatore Ferragamo moves into eyewear 

In 1998 the first line of Ferragamo frames was officially released. The collection was true to form, with that sophisticated, innovative style. And as you can see from the most recent men’s collection, Italian Roads, Ferragamo continues to deliver with its timeless blend of tradition, elegance, and audacity. 

Salvatore Ferragamo 224S frame

Salvatore Ferragamo 2193 frame

Salvatore Ferragamo 2194 frame

Salvatore Ferragamo 2195 frame



Ferragamo has mastered the art of self-reinvention without losing the essence of the brand, despite expanding to more than 90 countries over the years.

Not only do they offer shoe, handbag, and eyewear collections, they also make clothing, watches, jewellery, and fragrances. Despite impressive growth and diversification, the house remains firmly rooted and true to its Italian values.  

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