Safilo : The Art of Avant-Craft

Since 1934, Safilo has brought exquisite craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to all its eyewear collections. Safilo designs frames to suit the face and personality of each person, and is never content to rest on its laurels. The brand calls its production philosophy “evolutionary” and brings traditional Italian skill to every piece. Let’s take a look.


Frames that change with you

For 90 years Safilo has embraced modern techniques for the perfect balance of Italian tradition, industrial design, and state-of-the-art technology. This is what they call “Avant-Craft.” Every piece in the collection is designed to be easy to wear and attractive to look at.

You never have to sacrifice comfort for elegance and style with Safilo frames. High-quality materials and precision fit are prized by the design team. As always, their fabrication methods are focused on creating ergonomic eyewear that evolves with people’s tastes over the decades.

The latest collection once again impresses with light, sophisticated frames in a variety of styles and shapes featuring a balanced selection of materials (titanium, acetate, and metal).

E-hinge sketch

Artisan at work

Artisan at work

Safilo frame

Superior quality hinges make all the difference

Ever since Safilo launched its first Elasta hinge, the brand has continued to set the standard with flexible, reliable, superior quality hinges. And the exclusive e-hinge in the latest models is no exception.

Its innovative two-spring system is widely appreciated and recognized for both its form and its function. This allows the temples to adapt to the unique shape of every face. Each part is also designed to make the assembly, disassembly, and adjustment processes simple.

Exclusive e-hinge

Safilo frame

Spring Summer 2019 collection

Spring Summer 2019 collection 

Ultra-light frames for everyday comfort and style

The newest models sport an understated minimalism, a nice balance between retro and modern— and, as always, a comfortable fit.

Safilo’s exclusive UFO assembly technology developed in the 1980s has been updated in the collection’s new Linea Ultra-Light models. At only 9 grams, these frames are designed to be feather light yet exceptionally strong and easy to maintain.

The new models offer a traditional rivet assembly and a three-ring ultra-light hinge.

Every single component is designed and redesigned to create frames that you’ll fall in love with for their look and keep wearing for their comfort.

Model Tratto 03

Model Linea 02 

Frame for men

Frame for women

Glasses that let you be you

The Italian brand’s latest creations are a technical feat of comfort and beauty. Safilo believes that form follows function. That’s why their frames fit so well and look so good.

The collection offers a fine combination of colours and effects, with smooth, rounded options as well as square, angular designs. Safilo’s characteristic excellence is not limited to its hinges but can also be seen in its bridges and temple tips.

Year after year, Safilo continues to serve up eyewear that brings out the stylish authenticity of each wearer.  Safilo glasses are more than just accessories. They’re instruments for expressing your personality in confidence, comfort, and style.

For minimalist design that’s beautiful and ergonomic, check out Safilo frames, available in select Opto-Réseau clinics.

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