Our top 10 frames for timelessly elegant style

Your glasses are a key style accessory: they frame your face and highlight your eyes. For perfectly coordinated work or evening wear, we prefer classic frames, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be original. Here are our suggestions for putting together a classic, elegant look.

1. The timeless   

Year after year, we hail tortoiseshell frames as the incarnation of elegance itself. They make for a modern look while still being a classic choice, one that will work with almost any outfit.

2. The see-throughs

Clear glasses make for a boldly original look. This transparent style illuminates the face and eyes. These frames from famed French fashion house Chloé are a perfect example. 

3. The pastels  

They go perfectly with black, white, and the other neutral shades we tend to favour for workwear. Light-hued frames invoke a sense of calm and balance, on top of softening and brightening medium to dark complexions.  


4. The sophisticates 

Audrey Hepburn, that icon of elegance, wore over-sized cat-eyed frames, usually in black. They remain a symbol of refinement and good taste. We love these sophisticated Michael Kors. 

5. The circulars

Round frames are trendy and have quickly become a go-to style. They are perfect for softening angular, square faces. 

6. The ovals

These ultra feminine frames are the most common and the most traditional. We love them for their sensual curves and their classy yet laidback look.

7. The minimalists

With their simple, delicate lines in lightweight material, these minimalist frames elegantly highlight the face. Choose a pair in pink, blue, or green for an added touch of refinement. 

8. The rectangulars

These thick, black rectangular frames can sometimes appear severe, especially if your face is angular. But if you have round, delicate features, they’re perfect for projecting professionalism and competence.

9. The Clubmasters 

Straight out of the 80s, the Clubmasters are identifiable by their thin lower edge. They’re also known as Browline frames because of their thick bold top edge. Ray-Ban’s trendy Clubmasters are the ultimate in elegance and style.

10. The butterflies 

Their standout shape makes these frames the most strikingly original. Their feminine curves are the epitome of elegance. 


These are just a few examples from the wide range of sunglass frames available at all Opto-Réseau clinics. Click here to see our collections of frames.