OTP: We see you, generation Y!

The new OTP (One True Pair) frames collection boasts a unique minimalist style and was designed with a very specific clientele in mind: millennials. Created and designed right here in Montreal, the OTP collection is part of a line by WestGroupe, a Quebec-based company and an undisputed leader in the eyewear business.

A perfect balance between simple and bold

With a dozen unique collections, WestGroupe has a variety of frames sure to meet the changing needs and reality of consumers as they grow through life.

WestGroupe’s mission is to evolve alongside its customers by creating different collections that reflect all types of personalities and lifestyles.

The new OTP collection was designed to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers ages 18 to 35. At this age, your glasses are an essential fashion accessory for showing off your young professional chops, bohemian side, or fashion sense.With these modern frames that come in a selection of on-trend colours and are designed for weightless comfort, you’re sure to finally find your One True Pair!

OTP Frames

OTP Frames

OTP Sunglasses

Looks and shapes for everyone

The collection features softly tinted frames made of translucent acetate or high-quality retro metals and comes in an attractive range of sizes to perfectly suit any type of face.

OTP frames are sleek, bold, and unpretentious. A class above the rest, this refined, surprisingly light lineup of eyewear boasts a variety of modern, stunning shapes.

Whether you’re into square, oval, hexagonal, cat’s eye, or any other style, these designed-in-Quebec frames never disappoint.

Model 1000 (women)

Model 112 (women)

Model 109 (women)

Your One True Pair, for out-in-the-sun or indoor fun!

Because you’re confident, driven, and full of dreams, the designers wanted to create frames in your image—daring and up for anything.

For most millennials, travel is what life’s all about. The OTP collection includes both clear and sun eyewear. You’ll be protected from the sun with eyewear designed in Quebec and recognized worldwide for their style and elegance.

A collection that’s in harmony with you and the planet

The OTP collection is made for generation Y and like you, it aspires to a better future for us and the planet. Young adults are attracted to this collection not only because it’s accessible, on-trend, and high quality, but also because it reflects their values.

In creating the collection, designers chose softer, more neutral colours to meet both customer preferences and technical specifications. With this lighter, softer colour palette, creators could design biodegradable eyewear made from acetate.

Model 2007 (women)

Model 107 (men)

Model 110 (women)

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