Morel: Ingenuity upholding tradition

Last fall, our team visited the Morel workshop while we were in France for SILMO Paris. Four generations have helped build the family business, which was founded in 1880 and now manufactures frames in a range of styles, grouped into five collections: 1880, ÖGA, Lightec, Koali, and Nomad. The independent eyewear manufacturer owes its success to ingenuity and talent.


The Design Centre

Located in Morbier, Haut-Jura, both creative talent and craftspeople are on staff at Morel’s head office. The craftspeople bring the creative team’s ideas to life, paying close attention to every detail. The Design Centre includes an art director, engineers, designers, colourists, graphic designers, and model makers, who work together to create collections for men and women.


Model makers validate design feasibility based on the frames in the collection and their morphology. Models are created using 3D modelling, then the model makers use a digital cutting machine to create mock-ups of the frames before they are manufactured on a large scale. Finishing is done by hand to make sure every set of frames is perfect, right down to the finest detail.

 Benjamin Jeandenans, designer for Nomad

 Antoine Guerder, designer for Lightec

 Noëlla Gibon, designer for Koali and colourist

 Inspiration for the Nomad collection


From France to the world

Innovation also plays a role in the creative process. Despite having over a century of expertise in eyewear, Morel is always striving to produce frames that stand out in terms of technology and quality. The team at the Design Centre utilizes state-of-the-art resources, including parametric CAD modeling equipment, a materials library, colourimetric tools, and more.


Morel’s first 3D printed frames were launched in 2019, after several months of intensive work by the creative team. The raw polyamide frames are immersed in a series of colour baths, resulting in frames that have a velvet-like texture and are extremely light. This technology also offers designers a great deal of creative freedom. Morel is also experimenting with materials like carbon, wood and leather.

 Lightec 3D printed frames

 Working with leather

 Valérie Prillard, model maker
Photo Credit: Marie-Noëlle Morel /

 Quality testing

A number of creations are the result of model maker Valérie Prillard’s work. She is the only woman ever to be named Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best worker in France) for eyewear. 


Using the latest technologies, the R&D team works with a team of experts who are scattered around the globe. They follow up with partners and make sure the company’s innovations line up with what consumers are looking for.


Rigorous testing

Morel is known for expertise and its quality guarantee. All Morel products undergo a series of tests to ensure they are durable and able to withstand wear and tear. They test bridge warping, hinge durability, and surface coating resistance to sweat, corrosion and scratches. Many tests exceed the criteria required under CE standards.



Morel is a passionate and inventive eyewear maker. The company is built on solid foundations. With a team of 280 employees from dozens of disciplines, it continues to grow by combining technology with time-honoured expertise. The entire team is forward looking and works hard to keep reaching higher.


Were you charmed by the history of Morel’s knowledge? Discover their five collections of ophthalmic glasses, which will surely captivate you. Giving a modern boost to the brand’s emblematic heritage, the 1880 collection features models for men and women that provide a contemporary and sophisticated look. The Öga collection, with its masculine and clean aspects, will suit men looking for frames with a classic style and architectural character. For a feminine look, the frames of the Koali collection perfectly highlight the audacity and sophistication of women and offer them a refined style. The Lightec collection, ideal for small faces, offers frames that combine comfort and style for ultra-minimalist expression. Finally, the men’s and women’s frames from the Nomad collection reveals ethnic prints and inspirations, which will respond to your dreams of a distant getaway. 


Visit us in our clinics to learn more about our models and see for yourself the quality of the work of these true craftsmen.