Match your glasses with your overall look

Isabelle Gauvin  

By Isabelle Gauvin, Stylist

Isabelle Gauvin is a personal stylist for business people and professionals. A fashion speaker and TV commentator, she also creates looks for several Quebec artists and actors. In business since 2007, Isabelle Gauvin and her team firmly believe that image and style are of crucial importance in career success.



” Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”
– Audrey Hepburn

Your glasses reflect your style DNA. For some people, choosing a frame that matches their look can be a difficult task, but the most important thing is to be comfortable and feel good with your glasses. Choose a frame that complements your style and suits your personality and needs.

Is your style more classic?
classic style
From left to right: Bally, Valentino 2647* frame, Evatik 9082* frame and Giorgia Tordini

Do you like neutral colours, classic cuts, high heels, and preppy clothes?

The classic look is often associated with Chanel glasses. Refined black frames are often a favourite of fashionistas. Opt for a neutral-coloured frame that will match your entire wardrobe. Dare to wear cat eye frames, which were often worn by movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Choose straight cuts and materials like silk and cashmere.

If your style is more feminine…
feminine style
From left to right: Lacoste 2712* frame, Prodesign 6905* frame, Polina Savosh, Bar Refaeli and Elle Fanning

Do you like flowing materials, pastel colours, ballet flats, and fine accessories?

When you have a feminine look, you should avoid massive frames and too-dark colours that create a very sharp contrast with your style. However, you don’t need to limit your choice to more classic frames. You can wear a larger frame and opt for clear tones and even transparent plastic. That way, your look is delicate, but your glasses add a bit of an edgy touch.

If you are more vintage…
vintage style
From left to right: Iamgalla, Ace & Tate frame, Chloé 2341* frame and Joop 1099* frame

Do you like retro, plaid, and Converse sneakers?

Opt for a retro-style frame a bit like the Ray-Ban style to complement your vintage look. The idea is to keep it simple. Many variations on these frames are available to match your style. To really go retro, choose a black or tortoise shell frame. For a perfect vintage look, opt for a knit cardigan matched with jeans and high boots.

If you are more of an artist…
artist style
From left to right: Marimekko, Fendi 0030* frame, Prodesign 4673* frame, Burberry Prorsum coat

Do you like oversized clothing, bright colours, fragmented patterns, and conspicuous accessories?

The artist look lets you experiment in whatever way you like. Opt for trendy colours and materials for both your clothing and your glasses. Choose coloured frames and dare to wear patterns. Express your creativity. You glasses will be key to your look—and the centre of attention!

*Collections and models can vary from one clinic to another. Contact the clinic nearest you for availability.