Makeup: trends and tips for eyeglass wearers

To help you get inspired this holiday season and in 2022, our team shares their favourite makeup trends and a few other tips for eyeglass wearers.

4 trends to try in 2022

Voluminous, shiny lips

For a flawless look, we recommend keeping it simple but adding some contouring. For your everyday makeup, opt for soft tones like pinks and beiges. To make your lips look fuller, fill the outer areas with a darker shade but add a hint of lighter tone in the middle of your upper and lower lip. Finally, use your favourite gloss for a guaranteed voluminous effect.

Carmine red will be your best friend for special occasions in 2022. If you wear a black pair of frames, bright red lipstick (such as carmine red) is a sure-fire way to glam it up!

Dazzling or classic eyelids

Glittery eyeshadows will remain a trendy way to highlight your eyes in 2022. Blue is going to be a popular option if you want to add a hint of colour to your beauty routine. We recommend using neutral tones on your lips if you really want your eyes to be the focus of attention.

And a dark eyeliner on your upper eyelid is a classic yet sophisticated way to elevate your eyes.

A bright but natural complexion

In 2022, contouring will make way for more natural makeup styles. Rely on neutral, nude colours to get an even skin tone. If you want, add a bit of illuminating blush to strategic areas: the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and under the arch of your eyebrows.

Filled, defined eyebrows

Speaking of eyebrows, keep in mind that your frames shouldn’t fully conceal them, so they do require a bit of upkeep. Tweeze stray hairs and use a shadow brush, pencil, or powder to achieve a colour that’s similar or a bit darker to your hair to enhance the structure of your eyebrows and elevate your gaze.

Beauty tips for eyeglass wearers

If you are nearsighted

Glasses to correct nearsightedness tend to shrink your eyes. You’ll need a few tips and tricks to make them stand out.

Simply apply a pale, bright, eyeshadow starting in the inner corner of your eye. You can then play around with darker shades in the outer corner of your eye to create an effect of intensity. Avoid applying dark eyeliner on your inner eyelid because that might create a shrinking effect. Instead, opt for a white or nude pencil.

Moreover, a fake eyelash mascara will add volume but make sure your lashes don’t touch your lenses.

If you’re thinking about getting fake lashes for the holidays, keep in mind the following recommendations from the Ordre des optométristes:

  • Make sure the products you use are hypoallergenic and that any instruments required for the application process are sterilized.
  • If you wear contact lenses, it is not recommended you wear fake eyelashes because the glue might stick to them. Furthermore, there is a risk of irritation and inflammation. (If you really want fake lashes, remove your lenses before applying them and don’t wear them for at least 10 days).
  • Do not get fake lashes if you have an eye infection or if you’ve recently had eye surgery.
  • Check that the person applying the lashes has the skills required because the process must be done safely.

If you are farsighted

Glasses that correct farsightedness make your eyes seem bigger. That means you should pay attention to the details. Make sure your complexion (especially around your eyes) is even and carefully apply your eyeliner to make sure it follows the curve of your eye and lashes.

You can opt for darker colours or even a smoky eye to make your natural eye colour stand out. Volumizing mascara can be a good option but avoid going over the top to prevent your lashes from touching your lenses.

Bonus tips: choosing the right products and makeup removers

In addition to our makeup tips, our team wanted to remind you that choosing the right cosmetic products is essential for keeping your eyes healthy. When it comes to mascara for instance, there are tons of products (for sensitive eyes, vegans, hypoallergenic, etc.) that won’t pose any risk to your eyes. Here are a few examples:

Finally, a makeup remover is very important for keeping your eyes and skin healthy. If you wear contact lenses, don’t forget to remove them before removing your makeup. And always put them in before you start your makeup routine. Keep in mind that you can also clean your skin BEFORE applying new makeup to make the process easier and more long lasting.

I-Med Pharma, a company that offers a range of products to alleviate dry eyes, has also developed I-LID ’N LASH® cleansers (wipes or liquid pump).

These products require no rinsing and allow you to gently remove the makeup from your eyelids and lashes while reducing the risks of styes, dry eyes, or blepharitis.

Finalize your look with the right pair of frames

Now that you have mastered the art of makeup, all you need is the right frames to round out your dazzling look. To discover the frames available or book a try-on session, contact the team at your Opto-Réseau clinic!