Kliik Denmark offers frames to suit smaller faces

When choosing frames for your prescription glasses, one of the most important considerations is what will suit your face shape. Your glasses will look good if the frame sets off the contours of your face and makes the most of your features. It can be harder for people with a small face to find attractive frames that are a good fit. Kliik Denmark glasses are especially designed for anyone with small eyes, a small face, or a short distance between the pupils.

This Danish-inspired collection draws on the three main pillars of Scandinavian design to offer minimalist, contemporary styles.


The rich intensity of colour in these Kliik Denmark frames balances their simple esthetics. Colours are drawn from a natural palette, and laser-perforated detailing brings out the texture of the materials.

From left to right : Kliik 578-492, Kliik 586-421 and Kliik 564-444 frames



Frames in the Kliik Denmark collection feature sharp, modern styling—a characteristic attribute of the brand. Their organic, clean lines and contemporary design make them easy to wear. Pared back shapes are central to Scandinavian design.

From left to right : Kliik 581-405, Kliik 567-414 and Kliik 575-482 frames


Combining materials like acetate and metal makes for lightweight and supple frames. Functionality is the main focus in their eyewear designs to make wearing glasses every day as hassle-free as possible. Kliik Denmark frames steer clear of unnecessary embellishments, letting your face come into its own.

From left to right : Kliik 585-426, Kliik 580-403 and Kliik 584-416 frames

If you have a small face, choosing Kliik Denmark frames lets you express your personality and identity in a unique look. What’s more, the frames were designed in Montreal, which is where the most recent ad was shot. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few of the city’s well-known vistas?

This is just a small sample from the Kliik Denmark frames available at our clinics. If you’d like more recommendations from our wide range of frames to suit smaller faces, please reach out to one of our expert stylists at an Opto-Réseau clinic near you.