Hugo Boss: Quality Through Innovation

Hugo Ferdinand Boss was born July 8, 1885, in Metzingen, Germany. With parents who owned a fabric shop, he grew up in the world of fashion. He worked in the family business as an apprentice for a number of years before opening his own clothes workshop in 1924. At that time, Hugo Boss employed some 20 seamstresses and produced all kinds of garments, from simple shawls to traditional German Loden coats.

The company started producing clothes for men in the 1950s. In 1960, Boss was the first to introduce the ready-to-wear concept. The brand was on its way to becoming a world leader in elegant and sophisticated fashion for men.

Sports sponsorship

In the early years the business became well known through its sponsorship of Formula 1, golf, and tennis, elite sports with a very high proportion of male followers. The BOSS brand was officially launched in 1977. In the mid 1980s, BOSS sponsored high-profile professional golfers including Bernhard Langer, Phil Mickelson, and Martin Kaymer. The Hugo Boss Golf collection was officially launched in 1997. Today, the brand is still associated with the prestigious sport that helped put its high-end products in the spotlight. In 2003 the company added a yacht, Hugo Boss, to its sponsorship strategy. The 22-person crew all wear items from a collection specially designed for watersports. These days the company also sponsors a number of cultural and artistic events. Hugo Boss is the master of pinpointing its target clientele!

A company that knows how to diversify

Two key events marked turning points in the company’s history: the launch of the first Hugo Boss fragrance in 1984 and the first collection for women, BOSS Womenswear, in 2000. BOSS fragrances quickly became top sellers, and many of the womenswear pieces created over the years have become fashion staples. Throughout its history, the brand has stood out for its ability to develop innovative solutions in response to customers’ needs and wants. When BOSS noticed growing enthusiasm for its luxury and unique pieces, it launched the BOSS Selection high-end clothing line in 2004 and in 2009, an entirely made-to-measure menswear collection, the BOSS Selection Tailored Line. The brand has also partnered with a number of celebrities for its advertisements over the years.

Timeless, versatile styles

The first Hugo Boss collection of ophtalmic and sunglasses frames was launched in 1989. It was an instant hit. Classic styles with a hint of innovation and character reflect the brand and its customers to a T. The BOSS and HUGO lines offer styles for men and women.

Combining functionality, comfort, and elegance, the designs appeal to a broad base of customers seeking an accessory that coordinates with all their looks and takes them from the office to the weekend. In 2019, the brand partnered with iconic British actor Henry Cavill, well known for his recent role as Superman on the big screen. But Clark Kent’s thick black frames have yet to become a trend!

Today, the brand created by Hugo Ferdinand Boss can be found in some 400 stores and over 500 boutiques. There are two different lines: BOSS, with styles that are more high-end and sophisticated, and HUGO, which features casual, everyday styles. The brand also offers children’s clothes, all kinds of accessories, and a wide range of fragrances for men and women.

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