How to match your hairstyle to your frame style

Whether they help improve your eyesight or protect it from the sun, glasses are a fashion accessory that should suit your look, your clothes, your face shape, and even your haircut. Here are some tips to help match your hair to your frames!

Your frame style will likely work better with some hairstyles over others. As a general rule, you should balance out shapes and colours to create a pleasing contrast between your frame and your features.

What style is your frame? 

Thick, square frames

Thick, square or rectangular frames work best with round or oval faces. The current trend is to choose larger frames that focus attention on your eyes. To pull off these frames to perfection, choose a denser haircut. In other words, avoid a cut that lacks volume. You can opt for a basic blowout or a more elaborate one with curls to contrast with the square shape of your frame. Layers and waves are recommended to really showcase this type of frame. The important thing is volume.

From left to right : Neil George, Freman and @Charlotte McKee

Bold, one-of-a-kind frame shapes

The best way to showcase a bold, original frame is to avoid elaborate hairstyles. The idea is to not weigh down your face. Hence, a simple hairstyle that sweeps away from the forehead is an excellent idea. For example, with butterfly frames, we love a low ponytail or a classic chignon.   

From left to right : gruaigruablog, The Protagonist and J.F. Rey

Thin, subtle frames

It can’t be said enough: in fashion, everything is a question of balance. If your frame is relatively discreet, go for more extravagant voluminous hairstyles. Feel free to play with unstructured cuts to contrast your sober frame. And whether you leave your hair down or tie it up, frame your face with a few loose strands. 

From left to right : Creatures of Desire, Ron Boyd and Kliik Denmark 581-405

A few more tips

J.F. Rey

With or without bangs?

With, but swept to the side. We don’t recommend straight bangs that cover the entire forehead. Add on the frames, and all but a small part of your face will be hidden from view. On the other hand, a straight cut that frames the eyebrow line makes for a bold statement: it’s up to you to decide how daring you want to be!  

The Coveteur

Matching your frame colour to your hair colour: yes or no?

Matching your hair tones to your frame is always a winning idea, in much the same way as matching your handbag to your shoes is. If you’re the type of person who changes hair colour often, you can usually match your frames to your skin tone instead. What works well in terms of hair colour for your complexion will generally work well in terms of frame colour too.  

Thinking of changing your frame? Browse our vast selection of glasses. We offer a multitude of styles, from chic to bold to classic, that will work well with all hairstyles. For a personalised fitting with one of our expert stylist, visit your nearest Opto-Réseau clinic