How to boost your winter look

Our team is always on the lookout for the latest trends. We’ve prepared a short guide to help you pair your sunglasses with your winter clothing so you’ll be sure to turn heads all season long!

New trendy winter looks

The sporty look

This season is all about the sporty, casual look. Recent lockdowns and remote work have made us all adopt a more comfortable attire, even when we’re outdoors. This is a style that’s perfect for your après-ski celebrations!

Puffer jackets are definitely popular this year. The perfect accessory is a classic, versatile frame such as those designed by Dragon.

If you want a pair of frames that will suit any occasion, opt for black, grey, or navy blue. And for a bit of glamour, you can go with mirrored or tinted lenses.

Finally, we can’t talk about this year’s most trendy styles without mentioning the aerodynamic frames of models such as those designed by Nike. These are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable, cutting-edge sports accessory.

Tone on tone

More and more people are opting for tone on tone fashion. In essence, it means emphasizing a single tone. Neutral or “nude” colours and pastels are especially prized this season.

Two options are available to complement this style:

1- Follow the trend: embrace the full effect and choose sunglasses – frames and/or lenses – in the same hue as your attire. This is a simple way to create a flawless, harmonious look.

2- Break the mould: for a bold, sophisticated look, choose frames with a striking pattern or design. This will make your eyewear the central piece of your ensemble.

Les textures

If you want the refined look, pay attention to the details. This includes the choice of materials.

First, consider plush-like fabric. It’s all the rage right now and provides warmth and comfort. When paired with the right frame, the result is sophistication and style.

Another avenue you can explore to stand out: patterns. When it comes to glasses, tortoise and stripes remain popular options all year-round.

But be wary of going overboard with patterns. They might be trendy, but when it comes to fashion, sometimes less is more.

For example, if you want to wear a checkered scarf or pants, we recommend a classic pair of sunglasses. However, if you are going to wear monochrome clothes, you can definitely make a statement with a more dynamic design.

Our team’s top pick: oversized sunglasses

Photos: Lanvin

If you want to create a more retro or glamour look but still want comfort, you can’t go wrong with oversized sunglasses which are gaining in popularity.

We love it when clothing screams confidence. The perfect pairing: a felt jacket and an extra-large pair of sunglasses.

If a more eclectic outfit is your goal, embrace mixing and matching. Planning on wearing fitted clothing? An extravagant pair of sunglasses can do wonders. But if you want to wear something looser, we recommend a more minimalist, thin pair of frames.

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