Frames tailored for you

By Nathalie Roberge, blogger and stylist

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I’d always thought I couldn’t pull off glasses, in the same way I generally can’t pull off hats. I’d never really tested the theory though, since I didn’t yet need prescription glasses. As part of my collaboration with Opto-Réseau, however, I went to their Mont-Saint-Hilaire clinic to do just that. Marie-Pier, optician and eyewear expert, guided me through the entire process of selecting a frame. I must admit that the results were decidedly positive, despite my “tired mom” look (I did wear makeup for the occasion though).* At the clinic, I had a clear favourite, but looking at the photos now, I’m hesitating between two models. As you’ll see below, you could help me choose.

Before showing you the results of my session, I’ll explain the concept of an eyewear expert, which is unique to Opto-Réseau. 

Keeping in mind your prescription, which dictates the thickness of your lenses, the eyewear expert will analyze several aspects of your appearance, including your hair and eye colour, skin tone, and specific facial features (like the thickness of your nose, the main support for your glasses) to recommend the right frames. 

While you try them on, the eyewear expert makes minute adjustments to the frames to make sure they’re absolutely comfortable and perfectly adapted to your face, your look, and your lifestyle. 

For me, that meant this. 

Warm or cool skin tone

Just as when choosing clothes and lipstick shades, it’s a good idea to match our frames with our skin tone. I clearly have a cool skin tone, but I still insisted on trying this frame with golden stems because I really like the shape. After both looking in the mirror and seeing the expression on Marie-Pier’s face, I came back to the same conclusion: gold isn’t for me. 

Trying on frames based on a facial analysis

  • My oval face shape means I can wear several kinds of frames. However, trying them on confirmed that round shapes are the most natural fit for me. The rectangular frames gave me a severe air that didn’t feel right.
  • My slender nose prefers frames with nose pads that allow for a personalized fit over acetate frames with the pad built into the structure as they tend to slide down.
  • My cheeks rise quite high when I smile, causing several frames to move. We eliminated these immediately.

So, the three finalists in the prescription glasses category are: 

1) The Calvin Klein, model 8046-015

+ I loved the variation on the aviator theme, which is a huge trend right now, as well as the metallic (cool) look, which suits my skin tone well.  

2) The ProDesign 4142-8023 // FINALIST A 

+ I like its ultra-trendy minimalist look and the fact that it’s proportional in size to my face.
+ I like that this model matches my eye and hair colour while highlighting my eyes.

3) The Chloé, model 2129-759 // FINALIST B 

+ I like its modern, minimalist look that adds style to any outfit.
+ I like its versatile black colour that pairs well with the many black, white, and bright colours in my wardrobe.

I felt very natural when I wore finalist A, but looking at the photos now, I really like finalist B. I can’t say which I love more. What do you think? I’d love to have your opinion: should I choose frame A or frame B? Can’t wait to hear from you.

*Of course, I also have my sunglasses that kindly hide the dark circles under my eyes, an inheritance from my grandma that’s been accentuated by the lack of sleep that comes with being a mom of two young kids. To read or reread my Opto-Réseau feature on sunglasses, click here.

Visit your nearest Opto-Réseau clinic where our team of expert-stylists will be happy to help you find the perfect frame for your face. Need inspiration? Check out our “Frames” section to browse our vast selection of sunglasses and corrective glasses.