Frames for men: what to look for

We used to think that men worried only about functionality when buying glasses, looking for frames that were flexible, solid and resistant. Eyewear designers tended to neglect aesthetics when it came to men’s frames. But that was then. Now, brands are conscious that they need to appeal to men with more sophisticated collections that marry form and function. We have broken down what to look for so you can make the best choice for you. 

Start with a frame that flatters your face

The universal rule applies to you too: a frame that suits your face will be one in a contrasting shape. Essentially, that means:

  • If your face is round, choose rectangular or angular shapes.
  • If you have a triangular face with a broad forehead, square or rectangular frames are your best bet. However, avoid temples that are too thick.
  • If your jaw is wider than your forehead, oversized frames will help set off the top of your face.
  • Do you have a long face? Then experiment with wide, bold frames. 

(You can also read our article “Find the frames that suit your face“, on the same topic)

Keep your prescription in mind

Again, this rule applies to everyone. The strength of your prescription and your vision conditions will affect the thickness of your glasses. For reasons of both comfort and aesthetics, avoid glasses that are too large if you have thicker lenses. The larger your frames, the bigger your lens contours, which in turn will deform the shape of your face and make your eyes look smaller. Ask your optician for advice on selecting the right frame shape for your prescription.

If you have presbyopia (difficulty focusing on objects both nearby and far away), we recommend frames that are tall enough to accommodate progressive or dual-zone lenses.

Follow men’s fashion trends

While respecting your tastes is important, a little nod to current trends never hurts, especially when those trends look as great as they do now! In 2017, retro is making a comeback with rounder frames in classic or tortoiseshell patterns. “Geek” glasses are still all the rage with their thick black frames. Careful though, as they don’t suit every face. Lastly, to be a real men’s fashion maven, look to new materials. Light, eco-friendly and refined, these frames are the summum of style and elegance.

If you need more advice, an Opto-Reseau team will be happy to guide you in your choice of frames. Find your nearest clinic here.