Discover Zen Barcelona frames

Zen Barcelona is the answer to an idea: your glasses define you.

Since its creation in 2005, Zen Barcelona has been defying the laws of fashion by creating unique and innovative frames for men and women with a style all their own.

For a bit of background, the name and brand are inspired by the thought process that goes into buying glasses. Finding the right glasses is an exercise in self-definition because they have to represent your personality. For Zen Barcelona, the goal is to find a design that’s both comfortable and in line with your personal style.

Born in Barcelona, Zen Barcelona takes its cues from the city’s defining elements—its architecture, innovative spirit, sunshine, and delicious cuisine. In fact, many of the unique characteristics of the glasses in the collection are inspired by its namesake city:

A balance of textures

Barcelona is a city where historic buildings and avant-garde architecture go hand in hand to create a perfect balance. Zen Barcelona also uses contrasting materials to design distinctive frames.

Curved lines

The city’s artistic roots have given rise to a distinctive architecture characterized by unconventional and elaborate shapes that inspire Zen Barcelona’s innovative, carefully crafted frames.

Colours that pop

Vibrant, multicultural, and always bustling (except during siesta time), Barcelona is awash with colours. Zen Barcelona frames embrace this joie de vivre with a selection of eye-popping colours.

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