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Chloé: Elegance and Femininity

It was in 1952 that Gaby Aghion decided to create her own clothing company that would not reflect the coldness and stiffness that characterized fashion in the early 50s. She rather conceived clothes that combined fabric quality and smart cuts, required very little retouching and, above all, were available immediately. She thus invented a kind of “ready-to-wear luxury” and the Chloé brand was born.

Gaby Aghion was already know as “a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit.” That’s why she decided to name her company Chloé, after one of her friends. She thought the name had a hot and more feminine side and was in sync with the young and daring atmosphere that was growing in Paris.

The Chloé collection of ophtalmic frames and sunglasses perfectly illustrate the brand’s DNA: femininity, casualness, grace, modernity and unconventionality.

Here are some models in the collection:



This concept is one of most popular carryover concepts of the Chloé Collection. The front is elegantly adorned with the distinctive and exclusive motif of four mini studs. We also find this icon on the shoes in the collection.


This model plays with the metal insert on the front, matching the transparent plastics and giving special shine to the whole style. We can find the same effect on Chloé handbags.


This model’s concept reflects the pure femininity and lightness of the Chloé DNA. The thin profile is enriched by the iconic “C” brand. The same element can be found on Chloé bracelets.

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