Choosing the right glasses for your personality

Glasses do a lot more than just improve our vision. Bona fide fashion accessories, they highlight our individuality and our style. We often think “It’s just not me” about a jacket or a pair of pants, but the same thing can be said about frames that just aren’t your style. To find your best fit, follow our guide!

A – The Artist
A— The Artist
From left to right: Kate Spade MELLY-S-0QG8F8, Fysh 3566-676, Salvatore Ferragamo 2755-972, Zen Barcelona 421-5 and Salvatore Ferragamo 2761-996

Your free spirit, style, and creativity set you apart. Fashion trends don’t dictate your outfit, your mood does. You surprise your colleagues every day, whether by your hair or shoe colour or your fashionable frames. You like unique frames with original designs and bold patterns or colours. 

B – The Pragmatist
B— The Pragmatist
From left to right: Lightec 7474-NV053, Nautica 6207S-035, Lightec 7897-PP022, Lacoste 2775-315 and Öga 7772-NG100

When you have to shop, you go for performance and efficiency. You never impulse buy: you do your research and master technical terms, like “polarized lenses”, “anti-reflective”, or “chromatic aberrations”, in order to make the most rational decision possible. You prefer state-of-the-art lenses and ergonomic frames.

C – The Urbanite
C – The Urbanite
From left to right: Chloé 2692-218, DVF 626S-210, Chloé 665S-603, Calvin Klein 5936-229 and Calvin Klein 8550-625

Your city has no secrets for you. Your friends call you for your review of the latest restaurant, recommendations on where to buy the perfect outfit for a night out, or tips on where to find discount opera tickets. You know where to find the best deals and are on top of all the current trends in fashion, food, or culture. Your glasses not only match your outfit, they could grace the cover of a fashion magazine. Standout and chic, they can be in any colour and design as long as it’s trendy. 

D – The Wallflower
D- The Wallflower
From left to right: Marc Jacobs 3207-3200, Etnia Barcelona Cincinatti-BRGY-51, Nine West 585S-665, Ray-Ban 4242-620088 and Boss 7280-KAC00

Your favourite place is the countryside. You love simple, quiet activities, like meditation, reading and hiking. You prefer understated elegance, wear sober, refined outfits, and eschew accessories. Sensible frames with minimalist designs are totally up your alley. The primary purpose of your glasses is ensuring your visual comfort. 

The frames shown are only a sample of the wide range of choices available at Opto-Réseau clinics. Click here to discover all our collections or visit your nearest clinic to find the right frames for your style.