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neubau: not just a cool district of Vienna

When you see neubau frames, you won’t be surprised to hear that they’re inspired by an up-and-coming Viennese urban quarter. Set in the Seventh district of the Austrian capital, Neubau (pronounced “noobaow”) is known for the creative vibe that infuses its bars, vintage boutiques, art galleries and design studios.

Despite Vienna’s historical legacy, product manager Dominik Füreder tells us that the neubau designers draw most of their inspiration from the neighbourhood’s modern architecture and uniquely edgy energy. Alongside architecture, nature and urban design—both very present in the latest collection—also fire the team’s imagination.

The styling of the frames is resolutely urban and minimalist, with a focus on well-defined shapes and strong colours. Their unisex design makes them just as suitable for men as for women, depending on the look you’re aiming for. Since your glasses are with you wherever you go, neubau strives to create lightweight, comfortable designs for both prescription lenses and sunglasses.


“To think in the spirit of our times means to act with the future in mind.”

The environment is a key consideration at neubau, which is why they combine ingenuity and ecology to come up with long-lasting, high quality products. Over 50% of raw materials used in their eco-friendly frames are renewable or of organic origin. This led to the development of naturalPX, a polymer that allows for infinite use of colours, and even translucent or clear finishes.

The collection is designed and manufactured in Austria to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint. Even the packaging is eco-friendly: frames come in a box made of cellulose that doesn’t require any glue and converts into a “spectacle sofa” to store your glasses on at home. The lens cleaning cloth is made of recycled plastic bottles.


neubau has also launched the “See & Do Good” program to further its environmental aims. This initiative backs innovative projects that combine a sharp eye for esthetics with new ways of being eco-responsible. neubau also recently contributed to greening building façades in the Neubau district.

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