9 unique last-minute gift ideas for the holidays

Did you know that 80% of people wait until the last minute to shop for their holiday gifts? Are you one of them? Don’t panic because the Opto-Réseau team has a list of 10 unique gift ideas that are perfect for putting under the tree or in stockings.

For a loved one

1 – A gift card for Opto-Réseau

Give your loved one a gift card to help them plan a frame fitting session with one of our optical experts. On site, our advisors will be happy to help them pick out a new pair of sunglasses (with or without a prescription) or a second pair of prescription glasses.

This is the perfect gift for your friend who keeps saying they want to change their outdated pair of frames.

If your loved one hasn’t had an eye exam in two years, our clinic team will schedule one before their frame fitting session so they can get glasses tailored to their optical needs.

Centre visuel Bardier Godin | Opto-Réseau Sorel-Tracy

A gift card can also be a good way to help your loved one select a product they normally wouldn’t have purchased for themselves, such as photochromic lenses for instance.

Does your friend, sibling, or spouse prefer to wear contact lenses instead of glasses? A gift card is a great way to help them stock up on their favourite lenses.

And who knows, they might even fall in love with a new pair of sunglasses when they visit the clinic. That’s the beauty of a gift card – they’ll be able to get whatever catches their eye!

2 – A pair of sunglasses

Do you know what kind of sunglasses your loved one would adore? If so, you can be sure a new pair of shades will brighten their holidays! Our clinic team will be happy to set up a fitting session with your loved one to make sure their new sunglasses fit snugly!

Stocking stuffers

3 – Eyeglass cleaning kit

With an anti-reflective coating on your glasses, you’ll be sure to enjoy maximum protection against dirt, oil, scratches, etc. But it’s always a good idea to have a cleaning kit on hand to make sure your favourite fashion accessory remains smudge free.

4 – An eyewear case

You bring your glasses everywhere with you, so you need a case that can keep up with your lifestyle – or one that can fit in your handbag! Whether you get your case at Opto-Réseau or any other local store, rest assured that it’s a simple gift that comes in all kinds of styles!

5 – An eye beauty kit

There are myriad products to help your loved one take care of their eyes and ocular health. You can get them a therapy mask for dry eyes or beauty products specifically designed for eyes (cream, oils, cosmetics). There are so many products that can be assembled into a kit for a wonderful gift!

6 – An accessory to personalize their glasses

Think your better half would appreciate more jewelry? Have you thought about giving them an eyeglass chain? In addition to being incredibly practical, they’re also currently very trendy! There are eyewear chains for every style and taste.

Treat yourself

7 – Embrace change

The holidays are the perfect time of the year to pamper yourself (and your eyes) or to try something new.

Maybe you’re up for trying contact lenses for the first time? Or adding a prescription to a pair of sunglasses for extra comfort outdoors.

The holidays are a great time to get out of your comfort zone. For instance, add some colour to your next pair of glasses with Transitions light intelligent lenses.

MIC Made in Cadore frame | Transitions lenses

8 – Treat yourself to high-end adapted products

Your eyes deserve the best. Cutting-edge lenses will allow you to enjoy exceptional vision while maximizing your comfort. To find out which lens treatment options suit your lifestyle and to understand the benefits of high-end lenses, consult your Opto-Réseau eyewear professional.

9 – Turn heads

Have you always dreamed of wearing items from your favourite haute couture designers such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham, or Longchamp? Visit your clinic to find out if they carry some of those frames. This is the time of the year for some guilt-free pampering because your frames are not only a fashion accessory, but they’re also a tool you’ll be wearing every day.

Don’t wait any longer!

Do you have questions about the products or services available at your clinic? Want to purchase a gift card or book a frame fitting session or eye exam?

No matter what your needs are, get in touch with the team at your Opto-Réseau clinic.