7 Tips to Harmonize Your Makeup With Your Glasses

For a woman who wears glasses, it can be complicated to find the right way to wear makeup without hiding your eyes behind your frame. Instead, you should consider your glasses as a support to showcase your eyes. Here are some beauty tips that will help you match your makeup with your glasses:


The first tip is more for near-sighted people. Use a backlit magnifying mirror. It will keep you from squinting while applying makeup and make your eyelids look smoothed. You can also sit near a window, because sunlight is always preferable to bathroom neon lights. These can often distort colour perception.


Your glasses should frame your eyes. This means that the makeup should not overflow and must follow its shape. If your glasses are round, apply the eye shadow in a rounded shape and if they are rectangular, stretch the eye shadow in a horizontal shape.


The key here is balance! When you wear an eye-catching, brightly coloured pair of glasses, it is best to opt for darker makeup with neutral colours like beige, brown, grey or navy. Otherwise, dare to try more colourful and intense makeup if you wear a discreet frame with fine or metal legs temples. Also, your choice of eye shadow colours should complement the colour of your iris. For example, for blue eyes, orange or gold are good choices. On the other hand, purple or plum complement green eyes and khaki or copper go well with hazel eyes. The lucky ones with black eyes can play with every colour without any restrictions.


Whether for your foundation or your eye shadow, many textures are available and we often don’t know what to choose. First, remember that pearlescent or iridescent powders should be avoided, as they tend to fall on your glasses and you will feel like they are always dirty. The best option is a creamy texture that glides on easily with a brush or even with your fingers. Thus the colour will adhere better to your eyelids.

Black Eye Liner

A line of black pencil on the eyelid is a major trend in makeup for Fall and Winter. However, with glasses, it’s best to draw a thin line at the root of the lashes to highlight the shape of your eyes.

Magnifying Effect

For those who have high prescription glasses, lenses often distort your eyes. To counter this effect, avoid darkening your eyelids with deep colors. Instead, use neutral colors like beige, sand or taupe. Also, some glasses tend to make your eyes look sunken. By applying an electric blue kohl line, you will neutralize the redness of your eyes and the kohl line will define your eyes, making them look bigger.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The goal of using mascara is to lengthen eyelashes, but lashes that are too long can rub on your lenses and leave smudges. To counter this effect, first use an eyelash curler to make them look longer and choose a volumizing mascara. For eyebrows, you usually won’t have to draw them since they will blend with the top of your glasses.