3 (great) reasons to check out the I Man collection

1 – A collection of Italian frames exclusively available at Opto-Réseau

For our 25th anniversary we’re treating ourselves (which really means YOU) to an exclusive collection of frames.

You read that right!

With their inimitable comfort and good looks, these lightweight frames are sure to please, no matter your taste or lifestyle.

The I‑Man line comes in 28 different models designed and crafted in Italy to suit every personality. As you can see below, there are versatile wire frames, vintage-style models, and brighter, bolder designs.

Model: Sergio

Model: Paolo

Model: Ottavio

Model: Ulrico

I‑Man’s Italian craftsmanship is not just a mark of quality but also an intrinsic value that defines the company’s history, mission, and vision.

2- Green, not mean

The I‑Man production facility is located in a beautiful corner of Italy. Maybe that’s why the brand is so determined to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment, knowing it will be home to future generations of artists and artisans.

I‑Man’s sense of environmental responsibility transcends a given model or season—it drives everything the brand does.

It starts with choosing sustainable materials

I‑Man’s commitment to making its collection eco‑friendly goes beyond its environmental impact. It’s also about offering shoppers frames they’ll love for a long time, to encourage more responsible buying as opposed to fast fashion.

Materials used in the collection include Mazzuchelli M49 bioplastic, surgical or stainless steel, Hexetate plastic, and nickel-free metal.

Mazzuchelli M49 and Hexetate are flexible, high-quality, eco-friendly plastics. Hexetate is recyclable, scratch-resistant, and even lighter than acetate. Mazzuchelli M49 is a high-quality plant-based acetate made from cellulose. Both light and strong, this bioplastic is sourced from 68% renewables and is biodegradable.

Mazzuchelli frame: Roberto

Mazzuchelli frame: Zeno

Hexetate frame: Leone

Hexetate frame: Davide

Surgical steel, stainless steel, and nickel-free metal are materials that make excellent choices for anyone with allergies. They also make it easy to design lightweight, comfortable frames. These metals may not be biodegradable, but I‑Man is constantly working to optimize its energy use and reduce the impact of the facility and its metal processing.

Homme se grattant les yeux

Nickel-free metal frame

Gouttes oculaires

Nickel-free metal frame

Mission-driven responsible manufacturing

Not only does I‑Man take great care in selecting its materials, it also strives to create products that raise the bar in terms of quality. Extensive testing is conducted (seals, strength, wear and tear, washing, corrosion, etc.) to continuously improve durability.

The way I‑Man sees it, selling fewer frames of better quality is one of the most fundamental values of a sustainable business

The brand periodically examines its production cycles to identify opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint. It uses clean energy sources whenever possible, invests in making its equipment more energy efficient, and uses filtration and purification systems that exceed even the strictest legal requirements.

It also works with businesses that share its values and concerns. The galvanic I‑Man plant involved in making the collection also has its own wastewater recycling system. This results in a 95% reduction in water usage compared to a traditional system.

Collection made in Italy

Design and conception

I-Man frames

3- Unisex models with timeless appeal

Ladies take note! The collection may be called I‑Man, but the frames aren’t just for men. Their unisex styling is technically savvy, elegant, and comfortable to wear.

The many options include shapes and styles for every type of face. And the collection’s versatility lets you pair your new glasses with every look, from slouchy to runway chic.

Explore a selection of colours that never go out of style, like black, grey, and gold, or dare to go bold with bright blue or stunning tortoiseshell.

Try-on in clinic

Try-on in clinic

Jean-Michel and Tommaso frame

As you can see, when TV host Jean-Michel Péloquin stopped by the Opto-Réseau | Vision Line Barnabé clinic to get an eye exam and new frames, he tried on a few models from the collection.

And voilà! Jean-Michel is now the proud owner of I‑Man Tommaso frames (he chose the C2 colourway).

How about you? Want to try the collection?

Contact your Opto-Réseau clinic to see if it’s available. In the meantime, you can explore the full lineup here.