Peace of Mind Programs for Kids

Comfort for kids and peace of mind for parents

Children’s eyes develop rapidly, which means their prescription can change more often than an adult’s would over a short period of time.

What’s more, active kids need lenses that are made of sturdy, safe, lightweight materials and that provide them with optimal vision.

That’s why the programs Nikon Kids, Essilor Junior, Hoya’s Eye M Growing, and Zeiss Junior are ideal for kids—and parents!

Better conditions for longer

Your child should see an optometrist regularly—at least once a year—to have their vision and eye health assessed. These programs offer you peace of mind when purchasing eyewear for your child. They allow you to change lenses and enjoy additional benefits above and beyond the manufacturers’ basic warranty, all for a longer period after purchase.

Peace of Mind programs offer a replacement warranty of at least 15 months* to ensure the well-being of your child in case their glasses break or their prescription changes.

Consult your Opto-Réseau professional for complete details on peace of mind programs.