iD LifeStyle 3 – Hoya

iD LifeStyle 3 progressive lenses

Everyone looks at life through their own eyes. We all can look at the same things and see them slightly differently. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to use the same design process to make progressive lenses for everyone—some people have specific needs.

With its patented iD and binocular harmonization technologies, the iD LifeStyle 3 progressive lens gets both eyes working together to give you exceptional binocular vision. The technology also reduces the swim effect and optimizes your fields of vision for a smooth and fluid transition between the three visual areas.

Lenses adapted to suit the wearer’s lifestyle

Hoya has personalized its progressive lenses with three different designs to match the lifestyles of different wearers.

It’s Indoor lenses have been specially designed to optimize near vision for people with presbyopia who read a lot, use a tablet regularly, or like to draw—in short, anyone who makes extensive use of their near field of vision.

People who are always on the go and constantly switching between different distances will find the Urban lenses are a good fit. They need a lens that gives them a clear field of vision at any distance, corrects distortion, and provides stable vision when on the move.

Finally, people who regularly use their distance vision for most of their activities, such as driving or playing sports, will enjoy the unparalleled comfort the Outdoor lenses provide for distance vision without compromising on comfort at middle and near distances.

With iD LifeStyle 3 lenses, enjoying your lifestyle has never been so simple!

Talk to your Opto-Réseau professional to today to find out which version of the iD LifeStyle 3 lenses is right for you.