2020 Ad Campaign

The Concept

We’re thrilled to show you our new ad campaign. In 2020, our expertise is on view once again with our “We see you like no other” campaign.

At Opto-Réseau, not only do we find you the right frame to suit your needs and style—we also take into account your personality. We see you as the individual you are, complete with unique facial features and attributes that make you special. Our experts will help you find frames that celebrate your little quirks and turn them into strengths that tell the story of what makes you, you.

That’s why, for our new campaign, we’ve decided to celebrate natural facial expressions.

To achieve this, we chose to take a different stylistic approach for our ad campaign and use distinctive graphics in our TV ads and photos.

The TV Ads

For our campaign videos, we chose three people—Annika, Anthony, and Gertrud—who have distinctive features that express their strong personalities. By highlighting what makes each of them unique, we’re celebrating the diversity that exists all around us.

We used a clever lighting trick to show off Annika’s scars, Anthony’s unusual nose, and Gertrud’s wrinkles.

The Campaign Photos

We wanted the campaign photos to capture the same spirit as the TV ads by celebrating what makes each person special, so we used creative lighting effects to highlight our model’s unique facial features and personality.

For this campaign, we worked with up-and-coming photographer William Arcand. His unique way of capturing the natural qualities of his models meshed perfectly with our 2020 campaign theme.

The Frame Selection

In this campaign, you’ll discover beautiful frames from collections including ba&sh, Berenice, GIGI Studios, Italia Independent, John Lennon, Kate Spade, Koali, Prodesign Denmark, Victoria Beckham and X-IDE.

We’d especially like to thank Mélissane Bourque, optician and owner of the Opto-Réseau clinic in Pointes-aux-Trembles, for her invaluable help in selecting the frames. She made a point of choosing frames that complimented our models’ facial features and, like all Opto-Réseau eye care professionals, she used her expertise to find glasses that helped our models’ personalities shine through.

If any of the frames in the campaign catches your eye, come visit us at a clinic to check out the available models and get some expert advice from our staff.


Gigi Studios model Vynil 6411/0

Gigi Studios, model Vinyl 6411/0

Berenice model Summer

Berenice, model Summer

The double bridge of this clear frame is very current and on-trend and the distinctive angle of the aviator shape adds a very modern, youthful touch. The height of the frame balances Cécile’s long face nicely and lengthens her rather short nose. Finally, the colour scheme and the gold frame bring out her hazelnut eyes.

The double bridge and arched curve of the sunglasses lengthens Cécile’s nose. The pointed shape makes the frames seem larger and wider. It also puts Cécile’s cheekbones on full display and creates a slightly retro look. The combination of the tortoise shell and gold is very classy.


Victoria Beckham model VB

Victoria Beckham, model VB2105

ba&sh model BA1001

ba&sh, model BA1001

We chose these Victoria Beckham frames to add structure to Christine’s face. The butterfly shape works well with her eyebrows and the frame’s finish defines her cheekbones and really shows them off. The silver colour offsets her blue eyes perfectly.

The hints of orange and pink in the tortoise shell frames really bring out Christine’s blue eyes by playing with complimentary colours. The frame also fits her nose well, maximizing stability and making them more comfortable to wear. The delightfully retro square frames also give off a seventies vibe.

The Victoria Beckham model is the perfect chic, professional look for after-work drinks, while the ba&sh frame would be great for weekend outings. If you’re feeling bold, some sapphire-coloured light intelligent Transitions lenses would take this dynamic look to the next level.

Rafael and Yves

Prodesign Denmark model 6167

Prodesign Denmark, model 6167

John Lennon model JO 146

John Lennon, model JO 146

The Prodesign Denmark frame accentuates Yves’s face and softens his features. It does this by playing with two colours—the grey at the bottom picks up on his hair and beard, while the burgundy adds some brightness and lightens up the frame. The colours also compliment Yves’s eyes. The rectangular shape of the top of the frame picks up on his eyebrows and really brings out his eyes. The double bridge strengthens the line, which draws the gaze upwards and away from the lower, more triangular part of the face. Plus, the frame doesn’t hide his eyebrows or his eyes—quite the feat, given how close together they are.

We chose the John Lennon frame because it looks so great on Rafael’s face. The round shape offsets his square jaw nicely and compliments his arched eyebrows. Rafael also has low-set ears, so a frame with lower temples works well for him. Finally, the clear double bridge and the combination of acetate and metal creates a modern, assertive look.


Koali model 20068k

Koali, model 20068

Gigi Studios model Alba

Gigi Studios, model Alba

Aisha has a long face and refined features that come together in an overall rounded look because of her shaved head. The geometric frame we chose gives her face a more angular appearance and lends it some structure. The lighter, brighter colour of the frame also contrasts nicely with her skin and eyes to really compliment and show off her face.

For the sunglasses, we chose to play up the roundness of Aisha’s face while still keeping it trendy and modern with some hexagonal lenses. The shape of the frames also emphasizes her cheekbones, and the pale colour really highlights her beautiful skin.


Prodesign Denmark model 4765

Prodesign Denmark, model 4765

ba&sh model BA1007

ba&sh, model BA1007

Tricia’s curly hair has a lot of volume, so a larger frame was a good option. The Prodesign Denmark frame combines a brown-pink tortoise shell with a transparent pink, and together the two colours soften and brighten the eyes. The transparent pink in particular really brings out Tricia’s dark eyes. The acetate frame is nice and stable, especially when fitted with nose pads like it is here, which makes it more comfortable for younger wearers.

The unique style of the ba&sh frame is particularly well-suited to Tricia’s face. In addition to matching her eyes, the colour of the frame creates a cheerful look that captures her mischievous expression while the size of the glasses accentuates her eyes. What’s more, the extra high, straight bridge elongates Tricia’s face. This modern frame is anything but ordinary—a refreshing change from what you usually see in kids’ frames.


Gigi Studios model Kimberly

Gigi Studios, model Kimberly

Kate Spade model Fenton

Kate Spade, model Fenton/G/S

Dahlia’s full head of curly hair works wonderfully with a larger frame. The depth the GIGI Studios frame creates is pitch perfect and the square shape helps to offset the roundness of Dahlia’s face. The inverted bridge gives the frame a distinctive, avant-garde look. Finally, the forest green colour really brings out Dahlia’s light brown eyes.

When choosing sunglasses, we went with a wide, square frame that really suits Dahlia’s face and compliments her features. The pastel shade of the Kate Spade frame brings some levity and playfulness to the look. The frame hides Dahlia’s eyebrows, but a larger model is a good idea for protective sunglasses.

Annika, Anthony and Gertrud

Italia Independent model BILLO 5305I

Italia Independent, model BILLO 5305I

Italia Independent model IGOR 5308

Italia Independent, model IGOR 5308

X-Ide model Tribal

X-Ide, model Tribal

We chose the Italia Independent frame for Annika because it highlights and compliments her facial features. The roundness of the frame opens up her face and the black and gold hues bring out her eyes—darker colours tend to brighten pale eyes. What’s more, the placement of the temples draws up her gaze. Annika has a scar on her eyebrow and the rounded shape of the frame helps to camouflage it. Round frames can also be used to balance out asymmetrical faces.

Anthony’s nose is a bit crooked, so we chose a metal frame with adjustable nose pads to provide support and allow us to properly position the frame. A metal frame with very straight lines picks up on and emphasizes Anthony’s square jaw. The choice of colour for the frame was very deliberate. The red brightens up Anthony’s complexion, eyes and dark hair while the navy blue adds structure. This gives the classic shape a more youthful appearance.

Gertrud’s frame was chosen for its extravagant, slightly eccentric shape and glossy finish to match the wearer’s strong personality and go-getter attitude. Don’t be afraid of colour with white hair! The glossy gold of the frame works really well with her white hair, which has warmer shades of blond in it, and the turquoise really brings out the colour of her eyes. The acetate frame offers better support for the nose and is easy to adjust. The flared shape of the cat eye frame creates a playful look, as if the glasses were smiling. This opens up Gertrud’s face and gives her a youthful look.

If any of the frames catches your eye, come visit us at a clinic to check out the available models and get some expert advice from our staff.