Limit discomfort and the risks of eye diseases without having to give up screens.

• Protect your eyes from the harmful blue-violet light they are exposed to every day from the sun, smartphones, tablets, and computer screens.
• Get comfortable, clear vision with lenses that block out the bad light and let in the good.

Blue light vs. Crizal Prevencia

Blue-violet light is all around us. At work and in our down time, we spend multiple hours a day looking at electronic devices such as smartphones, computer screens, tablets, and LEDs.

Blue-violet light can enter your eye and reach the retina. If your eyes are repeatedly exposed to these rays over a long period of time, it can contribute to diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Unlike the harmful effects of blue-violet light, blue-turquoise light is beneficial. It helps regulate your body’s sleep cycle.

Crizal Prevencia is an anti-glare coating that helps protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light.

Crizal Prevencia filters out blue-violet light while letting blue-turquoise light shine through so you can see clearly and comfortably.

The coating gives you optimum vision while helping you maintain your eye health.


By having your eye exam and purchasing your eyeglasses or contact lenses at the same clinic you benefit from our full professional service.