For clear vision and good eye health, choose Crizal.

  • Enjoy better visual comfort thanks to a coating that offers you transparent lenses, without reflections.
  • Without dirt and dust, Crizal allows you to have a clear look at what surrounds you.
  • A good protection against UV rays and blue light will help maintain your eye health.

Discover the different Crizal coatings

Crizal Prevencia

Do you spend hours in front of your screen?

Do you experience visual fatigue?

Crizal Prevencia will give you better eye health and vision without discomfort during your daily activities.

Crizal Sapphire

Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of this coating, you benefit from lenses whose maintenance is greatly facilitated. Enjoy a clear look at life thanks to these lenses which will remain transparent for longer.

Crizal Forte

This treatment will allow you to increase the longevity of your lenses and improve your visual comfort since you will have robust and transparent lenses.

Crizal Optifog

With its anti-fog properties, Crizal Optifog allows you to have a clear and transparent vision, no matter what temperature differences you have to face.

By having your eye exam and purchasing your eyeglasses or contact lenses at the same clinic you benefit from our full professional service.