Complete-Care Program for Contact Lenses

Your Complete-Care Program (CPP) for contact lens wearer combines security, commodity and economy.

It includes :

  • Supply of frequently replaced contact lenses for 1 year
  • Supply of cleaning solution for 1 year
  • 1 complete eye exam per year*
  • Free trials of new contact lenses when needed
  • Warranty against the loss or breaking of contact lenses
  • Exams and follow-ups for ocular emergencies at no charge (red eye, infections, allergies, foreign body, etc.)

Additional privileges:

Conserved benefits :

  • Increased comfort
  • Maintenance made easy
  • Elimination of ocular risks
  • Significant savings of time and money

Contact us 514-526-1234 in order to find out how you can prevail this program.

*So long as the program is renewed at each term of 1 year.

This program is only available at Clinique d’optomérie St-Joseph.