Isabelle Gauvin  

By Isabelle Gauvin, Stylist

Isabelle Gauvin is a personal stylist for business people and professionals. A fashion speaker and TV commentator, she also creates looks for several Quebec artists and actors. In business since 2007, Isabelle Gauvin and her team firmly believe that image and style are of crucial importance in career success.


"Wearing sunglasses makes you look younger."
- Karl Lagerfeld

Sunglasses are essential in winter since UV rays reflected off snow can cause harm to our eyes. So take the opportunity to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that will match your style and your activities. Whether your winter personality is active or contemplative, here's everything you need to enjoy the cold season.

Contemplative Cocooning
Contemplative Cocooning
Gucci 3188s* frame, Miu Miu, Celine, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and Kate Spade Solie* frame

For those who prefer après-ski to actually skiing, surround yourself with soft and warm fabric: mohair, merino wool and cashmere make you look chic while keeping you warm. Opt for ecru, navy or very pale pink, which are the colours of the season, and don’t hesitate to combine them with Scottish tartan to give flair to pants, skirts and blazers. If you feel more seductive, choose a fur coat or fur accents with negligee-inspired fluid materials: lace, silk, chiffon, tulle. For your feet, wear beautiful riding boots if the weather is mild like the last few days or opt for real winter boots from here (La Canadienne or Sorel, whose range of warm trendy boots has been completely revamped these last few years). It's chic to be warm!

As for sunglasses, take advantage of the biting cold to act like a star by donning oversized frames that protect from the sun, but also from the cold and wind. Your glasses then become real armour against the elements, ideal for protecting the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Winter Sports
Winter Sports
Nike NKMDI frame and Carrera 27s* frame

There are those who dream of hitting the slopes as soon as the first snowflake falls and for them, the cold season is a real winter wonderland. The activewear trend for Winter 2014 is fitted cuts that emphasize the silhouette, except for skateboarders who continue to display a loose and relaxed (but perfectly planned) style. Moncler opted for earth tones, like khaki, mustard yellow and beige, and combined charming alpine patterns with jackets and parkas. Touches of leather, tweed or fur have also been seen. Burton offers a variety of purple and raspberry hues, a surprising black and white chequered pattern (a LAMB collaboration, the brand from singer Gwen Stefani) and navy for women, while men can pretend to be hunters with green, khaki and beige hues and camouflage or even moose patterns.

As for sunglasses, opt for non-metallic aerodynamic frames that fit the shape of your face. Choose models that feature different colour lenses you can change depending on the day’s weather. Ski/snow goggles have become fashion accessories in and of themselves and companies compete to offer increasingly innovative models and shapes. Choose according to your desires.

*Collections and models can vary from one clinic to another. Contact the clinic nearest you for availability.