Virginie Roy test MyDay daily replacement contact lenses

Virginie Roy tests the MyDay daily replacement contact lenses

It’s no secret—sometimes I wear glasses, and more often than not, I don’t. Not that I don’t love them, quite the contrary [...]

3 Reasons to Buy Sunglasses From an Eyewear Specialist

You’ve probably done it before—bought sunglasses at an accessory or clothing store because you needed some or came across a [...]

Our Professionals Shed Some Light on the Tiny Glasses Trend

They’re everywhere. All the stars are wearing them. There’s no question about it: tiny sunglasses have taken [...]

Article myopie

Explaining the recent increase in cases of myopia

Over the past twenty years, there’s been a noticeable increase in cases of myopia around the world.

Internet Hacks

We Tested: Life Hacks

Scrolling through social media, you’ve probably stumbled across plenty of videos with tricks to make your life easier, also known as “life hacks.” 

Eyeball Tattoos

Eyeball Tattoos: Just Say No

If there’s one thing we at Opto‑Réseau simply won’t compromise on, it’s eye health.


Contact Lenses with UV Protection: A New Must for Travelers and Athletes

Growing up, Marie-Philippe practically lived in arenas and sports centres. You’ll still find either running shoes or skates by her front door today, depending on the [...]

5 reasons to wear sunglasses, even in winter

5 reasons to wear sunglasses, even in winter

Here are five important reasons you should always have your sunglasses handy when you’re outside.