Prepping your child for their first pair of glasses

Prepping Your Child for Their First Pair of Glasses

For that first pair of glasses, you’ll want to make the transition period easier and make sure your child wears their glasses properly as per the recommendations of your eye care professional.

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Understanding Multifocal Contact Lenses

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to give up your contact lenses because of farsightedness.

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Take Your Style to the Next Level with Transitions Lenses

Have you heard about Transitions light intelligent lenses that darken when you step into bright light? They now come in new colors!

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How Should You Handle Glasses and Contact Lenses During the Pandemic?

How do you clean and care for your glasses? Can you wear contact lenses? Here are our tips for handling your eyewear properly during the pandemic.

I-MED Pharma: Canadian Innovation to Soothe Sore Eyes

Our optical professionals have noticed an increase in patients experiencing dry eyes and eyestrain. Fortunately, they have a growing range of technologies available to soothe patients’ discomfort, including solutions developed by Quebec-based I-MED Pharma, which make a real difference.

Some Ergonomic Advice for an Ideal Position and Vision While You’re Working from Home

Are you one of the many people who started working from home in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic? This change probably happened very quickly, and your body may be starting to feel the effects of your new work environment. Here are some tips that should help you see your screen better, be more comfortable and avoid putting your body at risk over the long term.


Progressive lenses: Our tips on choosing what’s right for you

Pour vous permettre de vous changer les idées et vous inspirer dans cette période incertaine, voici un article pour en savoir plus sur les verres progressifs.


Polarized lenses: Great for winter

During wintertime, the sun’s rays, reflected by the snow, have a greater impact on our eyes. So, it’s important to protect your eyes. In addition to providing protection from the sun, polarized lenses eliminate glare and improve vision.