Dress Victoria Beckham

The Chic Minimalist Style of the Victoria Beckham Brand

Victoria Beckham has managed to cut through the noise in a very competitive industry.

Fashion Sandro and ba&sh

Sandro and ba&sh, the New Wave of French Designers

Their designers focused on comfort first, creating pieces that women—their primary target—feel good in. 

WestGroupe: Montreal Design Making a Global Splash

The Quebec-based company behind the collections KLiiK denmark, FYSH, Evatik, Superflex, Bertelli, and IZUMI has just launched a new line: OTP.

Will Smith dans Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The '90s are Back

Fashion brings eternal renewal and as the seasons change, there’s always a decade that stands out. This season, the ’90s trend is back in full force. Feeling the nostalgia? We’re drawing inspiration from all the great looks out there to help you bring a bit of the 1990s into your wardrobe. Ready for a blast from the past?

Morel: Ingenuity upholding tradition

Last fall, our team visited the Morel workshop in France. Four generations have helped build the family business, which was founded in 1880 and now manufactures frames in a range of styles. The independent eyewear manufacturer owes its success to ingenuity and talent.

Jura: The birthplace of French eyewear

Jura: The birthplace of French eyewear

France has a rich tradition of expertise in eyewear manufacturing. The craft of making glasses flourished in Jura, a region in eastern France near the Swiss border. A number of eyewear brands that still exist today were born in the region.

Designer Q&A: Blackfin and the allure of Italian titanium

Designer Q&A: Blackfin and the allure of Italian titanium

At SILMO Paris we had the opportunity to sit down with two key members of the Blackfin team, designer Roberto Russo and senior marketing manager Simone Favero. They told us about the identity, history, and vision that make Blackfin a leader in 100% titanium frames.

Esprit: Quintessential California Cool

Esprit: Quintessential California Cool

The Esprit brand was founded in 1968, in the heyday of the hippie movement. Learn the story behind this cult brand that still embodies the ideals of freedom and solidarity and captures the spirit of change of the time.