Under Armour eyewear

Under Armour glasses: First pick for sports

Now with its sunglasses and prescription lenses for the whole family, Under Armour has consolidated its place on the market and is now more than ever a sure bet for active people looking for proven high-performance products.

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The secret to premium frames

What makes for quality eyewear? Why, dedication to fine workmanship, of course. Find out which two factors are essential for making timelessly beautiful, technically impeccable frames.


I-Man frame

3 (great) reasons to check out the I-Man collection

To find out why this collection deserves your attention and how it’s different from other products we carry in our clinics, read on.


Blogue Lanvin

Lanvin fashion, the legacy of a woman, mother, and creative visionary

Have you heard about the Lanvin frames collection and history of the label? Lanvin is the oldest house of French haute couture in operation today. As the house logo attests, founder Jeanne Lanvin was guided by her passion as well as by her love for her daughter to imagine and market creations that have left their mark on the fashion world for over a century.

Top 3 Frame Trends to Keep an Eye on for Spring/Summer 2021!

Spring will truly be a breath of fresh air this year—sweet relief after a difficult and unusual year. But even in such dreary times, you can rest assured that the fashion industry will be there to brighten things up. This article reveals the top 3 trends to watch out for and keep in mind when buying your next pair of glasses!

An option (you never thought of) for personalizing your lenses that adds sparkle to your glasses!

Looking for a little something to glam up your look so you can start spring off in style? This month we have an option you might not have thought about. It lets you personalize your new pair of glasses and protect your eyes from the light for optimal vision and comfort.

Gucci – Head-to-toe luxury

Though Gucci is now a household name, it continues to reinvent itself, sending increasingly refined, extravagant, trend-setting looks down the runway, season after season. Learn more about the storied past of the legendary Italian brand and its lasting influence on fashion and eyewear. 

Julbo frames: Where design, engineering, and athletics meet

Julbo is a renowned eyewear brand and a longstanding leader in outdoor sports eyewear. Last year, our team got the chance to visit the brand’s headquarters in the Jura region of France to learn more about how they make their different collections.