Is yellow the new pink?

Two colours reign supreme in the world of design: the Pantone Institute’s Colour of the Year, and the It colour as dictated by the ultimate trendsetters—millennials. Up until recently, Millennial Pink was the de facto colour of an entire generation.

Milennial Pink
From left to right : Longchamp via @marchon, via @chloe and Ali Mitton

A brief history

Millennial Pink is part androgynous, part timeless, and leans alternately towards salmon and grapefruit. For some, it all started with Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, the retro–kitsch movie released in 2014 that’s set in a very pink hotel. Others think the Rose Gold iPhone of 2015 set the colour on its upward trajectory. It officially became a thing when Pantone named Rose Quartz the 2016 Colour of the Year and featured Pale Dogwood in its Fashion Colour Report for the spring of 2017. You could say that Millennial Pink did some heavy lifting to carve out its place in the hearts (and wardrobes and tables and décor) of the Western world. But its reign may be drawing to an end.

Gen Z Yellow
From left to right : Who What Where, Mr. Boho and Etnia Barcelona Spiga Black & Gold

Now what?

Gen Z Yellow, named after the generation that first adopted it, has taken centre stage. Given that Gen Z Yellow is even more androgynous than Millennial Pink, it isn’t surprising that the two are often paired in magazine spreads. Contrary to the relatively standard shade of Millennial Pink, Gen Z Yellow spans a variety of shades, from neon to burnt orange, with dull banana and bold mustard yellow in between. It had been playing a supporting role in fashion and interior design when Beyonce’s video for Hold Up pushed it into the pop culture spotlight.

At Opto Réseau, we’re not 100% ready to let go of Millennial Pink, which is so flattering for most skin tones. But we love seeing our clients sport such a vibrant colour. Plus, it’s the perfect colour for tinted and mirrored sunglasses, which are going to be big this summer.

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