Isabelle Gauvin  

By Isabelle Gauvin, Stylist

Isabelle Gauvin is a personal stylist for business people and professionals. A fashion speaker and TV commentator, she also creates looks for several Quebec artists and actors. In business since 2007, Isabelle Gauvin and her team firmly believe that image and style are of crucial importance in career success.



" Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."
- Audrey Hepburn

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time of year to get all dressed up. Dare to wear sequins—in moderation—or give velvet or tartan a go. Here’s what’s trending this holiday season. Have fun with your outfits and let your look be the talk of the town.

Russian chic
From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino 2658* frame

Russian-inspired fashion is all about elegance and grandeur. Lace, embroidery, embellishments—this look has it all. The classic elements of Russian fashion make it the perfect choice for the holidays. The country’s splendours have even inspired some of Yves St-Laurent’s and Dolce & Gabbana’s winter pieces. Lavishness prevails in everything from the fabric to the reminders of Russia’s rich culture and traditions.

Versatile velvet
From left to right: Burgundy jacket, Dsquared, Koali 7447* frame and Chloé 2623* frame

Often associated with femininity, velvet is a staple for the holidays. Choose rich, sumptuous colors like forest green or navy blue for an elegant ensemble. You can also use velvet to add sophistication to more classic and casual pieces. For instance, a velvet jacket could become the key piece in your put-together look when paired with a simple black dress.

Go for gold
From left to right: Kliik 472* frame, Elasta 5798* frame and Carlos Miele

To shine bright this season, incorporate gold in your wardrobe. The epitome of glam, gold transforms an understated outfit into a head-turning ensemble just like that. It’s no surprise that this colour is associated with all things magical—it’s luminous, and makes a dazzling impression every time.

Modern Mad Men
From left to right: Prodesign 4678* frame, Christian Dior and Francesca Liberatore

Sixties’ stylings are still very much in fashion but with a modern twist. A-line skirts and bustiers are in vogue this season, but cuts are much more tailored and adapted to modern life, both for women and for men. More lavish materials are perfect for the holidays. Choose a blouse and skirt combination or a boat-neck dress for an original but polished look.

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