The variety of sunglasses that are available today is enormous. It can be difficult to navigate, but we have identified seven major trends for the Spring / Summer 2013 season.

Round shape
Marc by Marc Jacobs 341s* frame

Round frames are among the timeless shapes for sunwear. Small, medium and large round frames have been spotted on the faces of various Hollywood stars. Most of the time, they are colourful and made of acetate or metal. They were often associated with retro style, but this year, they reflect a more glamorous and feminine side. It is best to choose the size that will fit you better, but do not hesitate to venture a little!

Cat eye shape
Marc Jacobs 429s frame

The cat eye is a continuous trend. For 2 or 3 years now, there have been many frames with angular corners that give an impression of cat eye. You can recognize this shape because it features exaggerated and angular shapes with a subtle upward angle. These frames sometimes feature jewels or sparkles in the corners to make them a little more glam

Salvatore Ferragamo 118s* frame

Although rooted in trends for some time, the aviator look is a must if you are looking for a classic solar frame. For both men and women, this style is very trendy and also offers maximum protection. Dare to try large mirror lenses, you will make a good impression.

Puma 15153 frame

Sunglasses with mirror lenses are also fashionable this season. They are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the frame itself is also reflective.

Michael Kors 2846s frame

Again this year, large round and square frames are a must for the summer season. They are also very present in fashion shows right now. There are also large frames that feature two shades like black-white, black-grey and even green-yellow.

Decorated frames
BCBG Lavish frame

This year, several solar frames are decorated with extravagant patterns. You can find plastic flowers or butterflies, diamonds, complex metal pieces and many other decorative elements on the front of the frame. However, if you wear a very decorated mount, wear simple clothes to balance your look.

Animal prints
Fendi 5284s frame

We can’t ignore animal prints this season, it has been everywhere on fashion runways. Designers use a lot of prints like leopard, zebra, tiger, cheetah or snake to decorate the front and sides of their frames. This trend was also a great classic in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Photo credits : Sàfilo Canada, Marchon Canada, Optique Perfect, Optique Centennial, Eyecessorize
Source : MillionLooks, InfoLunettes