Working from Home, Another Cause of Dry Eyes

Last year’s increase in screen time may be the reason more and more of our patients have been reporting the signs and symptoms associated with eyestrain. In this article, we’ll take a look at one such sign: dry eyes.

Eight Things (You Won’t Have to Wonder About Anymore) About Contact Lenses

So, you’re thinking of switching to contact lenses, but you’ve got a few questions or concerns about it all. This article will fill in the gaps so you can make an informed decision. We’ll also look at a few misconceptions along the way.


Julbo frames: Where design, engineering, and athletics meet

Julbo is a renowned eyewear brand and a longstanding leader in outdoor sports eyewear. Last year, our team got the chance to visit the brand’s headquarters in the Jura region of France to learn more about how they make their different collections.

Understanding the different roles of optometry professionals

When you visit a clinic for an eye exam, a contact lens fitting, or to buy your next pair of glasses, you interact with a variety of eye care professionals with different areas of expertise. In this article, we shed some light on what each of these professionals does and how they help you keep your eyes healthy.


An interview with Susi Tabacchi

At the Silmo optical fair in Paris, our team had the privilege of meeting Susi Tabacchi of Immagine98, the Italian firm behind the X-IDE, Rye&Lye, and MIC collections. Discover an inspiring trailblazer who knows eyewear inside and out.

OTP: We see you, generation Y!

The new OTP (One True Pair) frames collection boasts a unique minimalist style and was designed with a very specific clientele in mind: millennials. 

Anti-glare coatings : How to decide what to add to your corrective lenses

Anti-glare coatings : How to decide what to add to your corrective lenses

How much do you know about the different anti-reflective coatings you can get on your corrective lenses? We break down the options your Opto-Réseau professional may offer the next time you buy prescription lenses.

Safilo : The Art of Avant-Craft

Safilo : The Art of Avant-Craft

Safilo designs frames to suit the face and personality of each person, and is never content to rest on its laurels. The brand calls its production philosophy “evolutionary” and brings traditional Italian skill to every piece. Let’s take a look.