Varilux X: An Important Innovation in Progressive Lenses

If you’re nearing forty, there’s a good chance you’re starting to experience presbyopia. For those of you who already have an eye condition, this is the time of life when your optometrist will likely recommend progressive lenses, so you don’t have to juggle two different sets of prescription eyewear.

Some people hear “progressive lenses” and immediately picture themselves struggling to get used to them or experiencing distorted vision. Others may have less than positive memories of their parents’ or grandparents’ bifocals or trifocals. But in prescription eyewear, as in many fields, technology is driving rapid changes and product innovations that are improving the lives of those who wear progressive lenses.

Rigorous research and development

Building on the latest industry research, the team at Essilor noticed that most daily activities happen “within arms’ reach”, which makes near sight crucial. So they recruited nearly 3,000 far sighted people from around the world to study the day to day difficulties they experienced when wearing progressive lenses. Twenty-two participants were even asked to perform seven everyday tasks, like reading a sheet of paper, working at the computer, or talking to someone, so that professionals could study their posture and vision.

Rewards that speak to the results

At the 24th Silmo d’Or Awards, held at the Silmo optical fair that takes place every year in Paris, judges from the world of optics and eyewear paid tribute to the creativity and innovative spirit behind the new Varilux X product line.

Varilux’s X series is the latest generation of progressive lenses to make its appearance in our clinics and features four different sophisticated technologies:

  • Xtend technology, which gives you clearer sight at a distance of 40 to 70 cm, so you can see anything within that range at the same angle
  • Blue blocking, so your eyes aren’t fatigued or damaged by the light from digital screens
  • No more deformed images and no more feeling like you’re off balance
  • A wider field of vision, so you can see any distance comfortably

Opting for the latest generation of corrective lenses will give you clearer, sharper vision while reducing the problems associated with ill fitting glasses, including back pain, poor posture, and migraines. That’s why our eye care professionals use only the most sophisticated products and instruments.