The perfect sunglasses for your next road trip

At Opto-Réseau, we have a wide selection of frames for prescription glasses. But did you know we also have a huge choice of sunglasses? Whatever your needs and personal preferences, you’ll find a plethora of options that suit you. Read on to discover our tips for finding the best sunglasses for your next road trip!

1 – The importance of UVA/UVB protection

Even though sunglasses are considered fashion accessories, they’re also essential for protecting your eyes. In fact, quality sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. At Opto-Réseau, we have high-quality eyewear from renowned brands such as Essilor and Nikon, and all our sunglasses are rated UV 400 and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

With UV 400 lenses, you’ll be reducing your risks of developing eye problems such as retinal lesions, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, etc.

2 – Sunglasses adapted to your vision

When you’re on the road, your vision plays a key role in ensuring your safety and the safety of your passengers. By adding prescription lenses to your sunglasses, you’ll be benefiting from the best vision possible while protecting your eyes from glare.

Opto-Réseau’s opticians will help you choose the frame and lenses that will meet your needs, preferences, and budget.

Saviez-vous que ?

En plus de pouvoir ajouter votre ordonnance dans votre monture solaire favorite il est également possible de choisir une monture ophtalmique régulière et d’y faire ajouter des verres solaires avec votre prescription. Vous aurez donc compris que les options pour le magasinage de vos prochaines lunettes de soleil sont pratiquement infinies.

3 – Pick the tint that meets your needs

Found a new pair of sunglasses? You can change the tint of the lenses to suit your exact preferences.

Our opticians will be happy to explain the different features and advantages of every tint. For instance, grey and brown are recommended for driving. That’s because grey is a classic, neutral choice that does not alter your perception of colours while reducing the intensity of light. On the other hand, brown is also a good option for driving because it heightens contrasts.

Yellow and orange are other options that are worth considering. These two colours are useful in foggy or cloudy conditions, as well as driving at dusk or in the rain. You should also bear in mind that your eyes are exposed to UV rays even on cloudy days, not only when the sun is shining.

4 – Consider a coating or lens treatment

In addition to choosing the colour, you can also add coatings or treatments to sunglass lenses – just like with regular prescription glasses. Anti-glare coatings are popular with drivers because they reduce sun glare. They also make the lenses much brighter no matter what the tint is, providing you with a sharper vision free of ghost images (double vision).

Mirrored lenses are another popular choice. They can reduce eye strain and glare while allowing you to personalize your sunglasses to reflect your own style.

Finally, there are plenty of other options designed to enhance your visual comfort. Our eyewear experts will show you the options that suit your specific situation. For instance, if you’re looking for sunglasses for your next road trip, polarized lenses might be an option for you because they limit glare caused by reflections on snowy or wet roads and on the car dashboard.

5 – Are photochromic lenses a good option for driving?

Now that you know more about the various options for sunglasses, let’s take a look at photochromic lenses. Keep in mind that not all photochromic lenses are recommended for driving. In fact, because your windshield already blocks some UV rays, your lenses will not darken like they do when you are outdoors.

However, some brands offer lenses specifically designed for driving, such as Transitions XTRActive, XTRActive Polarized, and Drivewear. As mentioned above, windshields block some UV rays. So how do these lenses darken? Transitions lenses regulate their tint according to visible light and UV rays, which allows them to adjust to the light even when you’re driving. They use the energy from the lower part of the light spectrum to darken, thereby protecting your eyes from glare.

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