The 5 Commandments of Eyeglass Care

Oh ye who have seen the light through prescription lenses! Because your favourite fashion accessory is crucial to clear vision, it requires special care. So without further ado, we offer 5 easy tips to help you maintain your eyeglasses. Hallelujah!

Thou shalt not use household cleaners

Forget soaps, disinfectants, cleansers and other household products, as they can damage your glasses. Moreover, some lenses have been treated to minimize reflection, prevent fogging or repel dust, and can lose their effectiveness if they come into contact with the chemicals in these products. So let it be known: window cleaner is unsuitable for eyeglasses. We suggest you use a solution made for glasses and recommended by an eye care professional.


Thou shalt not use any old cloth

Who among us hasn’t seen a friend carelessly polish their glasses with their t-shirt? They may view this practice as completely normal, but we beg you not to be led down this path. Before your glasses end up full of scratches, set aside the t-shirt, dishcloth, paper towel and tissues, and instead use a microfiber cloth designed specifically for the task.


Thou shalt not overheat

Perhaps your frames are made of plastic. Well plastic can melt, and no one is fond of eyeglass fondue. Sources of intense heat, such as an oven or barbecue, can also permanently damage lenses, as can sudden changes in temperature : so please avoid stepping out of a blizzard and into the sauna with your glasses. Some people also forget that their car can become an oven on a sunny day. Leaving your eyeglasses in your car could actually distort your frame and damage the treatments on your lenses : it is therefore to be avoided!


Thou shalt not abuse thy frames

Eyeglass frames love a little TLC (who doesn’t?). So when you take your glasses off, use both hands – this helps keep the temples straight and the frame stable. If you remove your glasses to set them on a surface, fold in the temples. Also, avoid wearing your glasses atop your head. They have been designed for your eyes, not your classically shaped cranium. And finally, it is strongly recommended that you store your glasses in a rigid case to keep them clean and prevent them from warping.


Thou shalt consult your eye care professional for adjustments

Despite all of this sound advice, your frames may still become misaligned and require adjustment. For this, we offer the ultimate maintenance tip : a quick visit at Opto-Réseau. We adjust and clean glasses free of charge if they’ve been bought here. We’ll also be pleased to share more of our eyeglass care wisdom with you.