Progressive lenses: Our tips on choosing what’s right for you

If you need to get progressive lenses, you’ll find lots of options to choose from. But since every lens is tailored to a person’s individual needs, there’s no way to try them all out to see what they’re like. That’s why we’ve put together advice from our professionals. They have great tips to guide first-time progressive lens buyers.

Vision throught progressive lens

Vision through progressive lens

Chloé 2149 frame

Chloé 2149 frame

Blackfin Bowen frame

Blackfin Bowen frame

Your visual comfort depends on various factors, including:

  • How wide your field of vision is;
  • Swim and sway, i.e., when your vision feels unstable or distorted;
  • How smooth the transition between the vision zones in the lens is;
  • Where each vision zone is positioned within the lens, based on your habits and activities;
  • The technologies in the lens that deliver good vision.


What do you mean by “technologies in the lens”?

Lens technologies are technical features incorporated into your lenses on the basis of your vision needs and activities.

Do you work with two computer monitors? Do you like to paint in your free time? Do you often drive at night? Depending on your situation, you can choose lenses that incorporate special technologies in certain vision zones to help deliver the kind of performance you need.

To ensure optimal results, our experts take a series of technical measurements based on the position of your eyes in relation to the frames, the position of your head, your posture, and sometimes even the fit of your current pair of glasses. They will advise you on the choice of lens materials and possible surface treatments and may suggest tinted or photochromic lenses where appropriate.

Lens for night vision source

Lens for night vision (Source

Vision zones in the lenses

Vision zones in the lens

Azur 80028A frame

Azur 80028A frame

Keep in mind that progressive lenses are produced using default parameters, but that some kinds of lenses can be customized to your needs (these are known as “custom lenses”). In this case, our experts take special additional measurements to analyse the way light travels through your eyes.

The frame that you choose has also its importance in the personalization of your lenses. In fact, the pantoscopic angle (the angle the frame makes with your face), the vertex distance (the distance between your eyes and the lenses) and the curvature of the frame are among the elements taken into account. They will directly affect the performance of the lenses and your visual comfort.

Lenses designed for your physiognomy and your frame will therefore ensure the best possible vision.


And what about the cost?

If you’ve been comparison shopping, you may have noticed that prices can differ. Just keep in mind that the most important things to compare are the technologies on offer and the benefits they provide.

Think of it this way: let’s say you just started with running and you need to buy running shoes. Comparing all-purpose sports shoes with specialty shoes, you quickly notice that there’s a big difference between the prices. Both shoes are designed for the same basic purpose of being sport equipment necessary for running, yet the specialty shoes cost quite a lot more. On closer look, however, you realize that the running shoes have some technical advantages that you can choose : they’re optimized for lightness, have soles designed for your stride, and so on. So, if it’s comfort and performance you’re after, you’ll undoubtedly opt for the technical shoes because you’re getting a better product, adapted to your particular needs, for that higher price.

It’s the same thing for progressive lenses—you’re paying for lens technology and its benefits. That’s why prices differ. If you want to compare apples to apples, consider the benefits each product has to offer in terms of your visual comfort.

At Opto-Réseau, our professionals know what questions to ask and what information you need to help you make an informed choice. Whatever your lifestyle, our dedicated teams have progressive lens solutions just right for your needs.

Got questions? Want to make an appointment with an Opto-Réseau specialist? Find the clinic nearest you and come see us—we’ll be happy to help find the best product for your requirements!