Nikon – A tour of Nikon Optical Canada’s headquarters

Many of us know that Nikon is a powerhouse when it comes to photography. But did you know they’re also a major manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses? That’s because the lenses in your glasses aren’t so different than the ones used in cameras. Nikon has been able to leverage their impressive expertise and knowledge of photography equipment to produce some of the best ophthalmic lenses available today.

A bit of history

Nikon was founded in 1917 when the Japanese government wanted to promote a company that could compete with German manufacturers during the First World War. The company’s mission was to design superior quality optical equipment such as microscopes, binoculars, and scopes for the military.

Nikon began making photography equipment in 1930 and ophthalmic lenses in 1946. These days, Nikon is a top name in both industries.

Cutting-edge lenses

With more than 100 years of experience, the company manufactures state-of-the-art corrective and sunglass lenses with materials developed specifically to meet a wide range of needs. This focus on crafting and combining the right materials is one of the reasons why Nikon still stands apart from competitors and produces some of the thinnest, most clear lenses available.

Concretely, this means that Nikon offers a wide variety of lenses and treatments that meet very specific needs. The company also strives to continuously improve their processes to make impeccable lenses that are lighter, clearer, and more accurate. Moreover, Nikon can apply up to 15 protective layers on each side of the lens to better protect your eyes.

Opto-Réseau’s team tours Nikon’s Montreal laboratory

Last September, the team at our headquarters were able to visit Nikon Optical Canada on Fullum Street. Most of our employees had never been able to tour the location before and everyone was captivated by what they discovered.

They were able to witness the complex, step-by-step process required to produce lenses thanks to Nikon’s unmatched knowledge and painstaking attention to detail.

5 facts about Nikon Optical Canada  in Montreal

  • It’s Nikon’s first laboratory outside Japan
  • Every step of the production chain is carefully monitored to reduce defects
  • A closed-loop wastewater filtration system was installed in 2014 to reduce water consumption by 90%
  • Nikon has developed its own phygital (a combination of physical and digital) tools to showcase the quality of their products
  • The Montreal lab produces approximately 1,700 lenses every day

To find out more about which Nikon products are available, contact your clinic.