Glasses care and adjustment guide

Congratulations on your new purchase! We’ve handpicked the best products out there and put all our expertise into making your new glasses. Our relationship doesn’t end when you receive your glasses—in fact, that’s just the beginning. At Opto-Réseau, customer service is our priority and we care about your long-term satisfaction.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to adjust and care for your new glasses, so you can make full use of all the features and keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Please read it carefully to get the most out of your new glasses. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Getting used to your new glasses

There’s always an adjustment period when you get new glasses, even if your prescription hasn’t changed. There are a number of reasons for this. Don’t worry—an adjustment period is normal and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the individual and the corrections made.

Often, simply adjusting your frames can give you the exceptional comfort and vision quality you expect from your new glasses. If symptoms persist, contact your Opto-Réseau eyewear specialist.

You can also stop by whenever you need—we’ll check to make sure your glasses fit properly and adjust them if necessary. We’re here to help!

General tips for people with glasses

Taking care of your glasses

Here are some care and handling tips to help you keep your glasses looking like new so you can get the most out of clean, clear lenses.


  • If your lenses have an anti-reflective coating, we recommend you use a cleaning product specifically designed for them. These products are available at your Opto-Réseau clinic.
  • If your lenses don’t have an anti-reflective coating, you can soak your glasses in warm soapy water and gently rub the lenses with your fingers. Next, rinse and wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Do not use hot water, household cleaners, hair products such as hairspray, perfumes, or any other product that contains alcohol or ammonia on your glasses.


  • To help your glasses maintain their custom fit, always pick them up with both hands near the temples, as close to the hinges as possible.
  • Don’t wear your glasses on top of your head—this may cause the temples to spread and the hinges to weaken or twist, not to mention you could drop and damage them.
  • We recommend you store your glasses in their case when you aren’t wearing them.
  • If you can’t put the glasses in their case, don’t put them down directly on the lenses—they may get scratched.
  • Never expose your glasses to high temperatures, like leaving them in a parked car in the sun. Heat may cause your lens coatings to crack.
  • Never try to adjust your glasses yourself, as you could break them. Go to your Opto-Réseau clinic instead! Our qualified and attentive staff will readjust them for you free of charge.