Dealing with Your First Pair of Glasses

Your first pair of glasses is both an exciting and a nerve-racking new experience. Do the frames look good on you? Will you get used to wearing them every day? Are the lenses the right prescription for you? You probably have a million questions in mind about the strange and sometimes uncomfortable feeling of wearing glasses for the first time. But, chin up! So do most people, and that’s perfectly normal.

It Takes Some Getting Used To

At first, you’ll be so amazed at how sharp and clear the world around you is, you may be tempted to let out a celebratory whoop! But then, some more unpleasant feelings set in: you may feel a little dizzy and your frames, strangely enough, seem to dominate your peripheral vision. The excitement abates and is replaced by discomfort. No worries though, most people go through the same thing with their first pair of glasses. 

Sight is controlled directly by the brain, which becomes a little overwhelmed by all these new visual stimuli and needs a little time to adapt. It’s the same principle as with a pair of new shoes: you need to break them in before they adapt to your feet. You’ll experience this dizzy uncomfortable spell each time you update your lenses when—and if—your prescription increases.

The adjustment period can last from two to 15 days.

Speed up the adjustment process with these tips

  • Clean your glasses regularly: this may seem obvious, but when you’re not used to wearing glasses, the smallest speck of dirt can considerably magnify your discomfort.
  • Wear your glasses as often as possible—without hurting yourself, of course. Take a break if the discomfort becomes a headache. The important thing is to wear your glasses every day in order to get used to them.

If you don’t see an improvement after 15 days, consult your Opto-Réseau optometrist for a diagnosis and an appropriate remedy.

Are your frames the problem?

Have you gotten used to your lenses but not your frames? They may need to be adjusted. If you feel an unpleasant pressure on your temples or the bridge of your nose, they may be too tight. On the other hand, they shouldn’t slide down your nose too easily either. Drop by an Opto-Réseau clinic to have one of our eye care specialists adjust your frames.

Think you may need glasses? Find out with an eye exam at your nearest Opto-Réseau clinic.