Contact Lenses with UV Protection: A New Must for Travelers and Athletes

By Marie-Philippe Jean, content creator

Strongly influenced by the elements and energies around her, her work is rooted in her fascination for the human being and the desire to inspire her communities to discover the best version of themselves trought a positive & holistic vision. 

Growing up, I practically lived in arenas and sports centres. You’ll still find either running shoes or skates by my front door today, depending on the season. My community is full of athletes and active people who are incapable of sitting still. I hang out with sports enthusiasts who are always happy to go play outside—no matter what the weather. And I’m really lucky. That’s what I realized after my eye exam at Opto-Réseau last month.

“When was the last time you saw an optometrist?”

“Umm… in grade 9, I think?”

I’m 28. In thirteen years, I haven’t thought once about making an appointment at an eye clinic. They told me I had excellent vision at my Opto-Réseau exam! That’s when I started to think about how lucky I was. I thought of my friends who have to push their glasses back on between push-ups in the park, and skaters who put their glasses carefully away in their bags so they don’t fall and break on the ice. I thought about golfers, hockey players, and everyone who practices an outdoor sport that requires a lot of accuracy.

Wearing glasses can be a real hassle for very active people. Of course you can wear contacts, but contacts and that big bottle of solution would take up so much precious space in your carry-on if you’re a globetrotter like me. So I started trying to find solutions to these challenges I had never really given much thought to, and the experts at Opto-Réseau introduced me to an innovative product—Acuvue’s UV-blocking contact lenses, which have the highest level of UV protection. 


I don’t need contacts, but I’m very aware of how important it is to protect your eyes, so I love the idea of a product that lets you to train outside without worrying about your glasses slipping off. Contact lenses have changed a lot in the last few years. Discomfort and dryness are a thing of the past. Acuvue lenses even help alleviate the eye strain you get from working at a computer all day.

UV-blocking lenses were designed for people on the move, whether you’re jet setting or scoring goals. Disposable, daily contact lenses are popular among travelers because they don’t take up much space and you don’t need to carry around a bottle of contact solution (yay!). They’re also a good option for people who like the way they look in glasses, but who don’t want to damage them playing sports outside! You can just pop in some UV-blocking daily lenses and head off to your soccer game or go cross-country skiing.