Alternating Between Contact Lenses and Eye Glasses

Pretty much everyone can wear contact lenses today, thanks to technological advances. Contacts can now correct most vision problems such as presbyopia and astigmatism, for which only glasses were prescribed just a few years ago. Alternating between contact lenses and glasses is a good habit to pick up, as both options have their advantages.

Things to consider:

Vision health

Your optometrist is the best person to determine the most appropriate solution, but if you can choose between the two, it’s probably recommended that you alternate. Contact lenses should not be worn more than 12 hours a day, for eye health and comfort. Indeed, we often feel the need to take them off in the evenings, and switching to glasses is recommended when our eyes get dry.


If your glasses are only prescribed to read or drive, wearing lenses is not recommended. You’d waste time putting them on and taking them off, as well as cleaning them for such little use, unless your job requires you to drive or read full time.

In case of a permanent vision problem, alternating can be very practical. You could wear your lenses when you practise a physical activity, for instance: unlike glasses, they won’t slide off your nose or fog up, and they’ll free up your field of vision. On the other hand, glasses are ideal during a rustic stay or to go camping, where hygenic conditions aren’t always optimal.


Choosing between glasses and contact lenses can be like choosing what shoes you’re going to wear: with or without heels? Some people believe they look better without glasses and more respectable with them, while others prefer being comfortable rather than fashionable, or they let their schedule decide: glasses for an interview, contacts for a date. When both options guarantee our eye health, we can focus on our looks! Contact lenses allow a more natural look, clearing up our face, while glasses can be a fun fashion accessory that dresses up our face and reflects our personality.

Would you like to wear contact lenses? Talk to your Opto-Réseau optometrist to get advice on the different choices of contacts, following an eye exam.

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