Outdoor activities and light-reactive lenses: the fall’s best duo!

As the name states, light-reactive lenses are lenses that darken outdoors and return to clear indoors. In other words, they adjust their tint depending on the level of brightness to provide you with optimal vision. Lens manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss, and Hoya have come up with cutting-edge light-reactive technologies that offer unmatched comfort.

Here are examples of lens tints available from Transitions Gen 8. You’ll quick notice that there are options for every style!

If you want to protect your eyes from harmful rays while enjoying the great outdoors this fall, you can’t go wrong with light-reactive lenses. Read on to discover our team’s recommendations!

Fall activities

Squash and pumpkin picking.

Whether as an ingredient in delicious recipes or simply used to add a dash of autumn colours to your home décor, squashes and pumpkins are a staple of the fall. Picking these bright, colourful gourds is a fun way to spend a few hours over the weekend!

We recommend taking advantage of your time picking pumpkins to snap a few photos highlighting your light-reactive lenses that perfectly complement your fall outfit. Amber lenses pair wonderfully well with autumn colours.

Household chores

Thanks to 25 years of technological development, light-reactive lenses are now even quicker to adjust their tint. That means you’ll benefit from optimal vision for your fall chores that involve a lot of moving between indoors and outdoors such as clearing up your yard, weeding your flowerbeds, and putting up Halloween decorations. Light-reactive lenses are perfect for these types of activities.

A weekend at the cottage

Heading to the cottage or planning a hike to take in all the beautiful fall foliage? Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are ideal for fall road trips because they reduce reflective glare that can hinder drivers.


No matter what activities you’ve got planned this fall, photochromic lenses are practical and comfortable. Best of all, until November 30, you can get a $125 discount on light-reactive lenses. Details in store.

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