5 reasons to wear sunglasses, even in winter

Sunglasses are definitely one of our favourite fashion accessories. In fact, we tend to wear them more for style than for function. But sunglasses are actually essential to our eye health, and not just on sunny days. Here are five important reasons you should always have your sunglasses handy when you’re outside.

1. They protect your eyes from UV rays

Exposure to UV rays can significantly damage your eyes. High-energy light radiation can cause lesions or inflammation in unprotected eyes. Even when light rays aren’t visible, light radiation can be just as harmful. It’s estimated that, even on cloudy days, 42% of radiation still reaches your eyes. UV rays are, in fact, more intense in winter, especially when it snows! When sunlight reflects off snow, radiation increases by 80% and may even cause a condition call “snow blindness” (for more information, read our article Glasses and Winter Sports: Our Tips). According to Dr Morggan Debaets, optometrist and clinic owner in Lac-Saint-Jean, UV rays increase the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Also, since the skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is very thin, and therefore highly fragile, it’s more susceptible to dryness and skin cancer. This is particularly true for children because their eyes are especially thin and fragile, and absorb UV rays more easily. In short, don’t forget that sunglasses are for your eyes what sunscreen is for your skin!

2. They prevent accidents

Getting dust or a fly in your eyes is no fun. It’s unpleasant and can cause an eye irritation. Sunglasses are clearly an excellent shield against the foreign bodies that are inexplicably attracted to our eyeballs. In your car, sunglasses protect against sun glare. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye when obstacles are barely visible. 

3. They help you see comfortably

Having the sun in your eyes is uncomfortable, particularly when you can barely see the person to whom you’re talking. Sunglasses prevent such awkward discomfort. Also, glasses keep the wind from drying out your eyes or causing you to tear up for no reason. 

4. They can help relieve headachese

A lack of sleep can make you hypersensitive to light and sound irritations. Intense brightness is particularly unpleasant and can cause headaches. Wearing sunglasses helps your eyesight gradually return to normal. They thus smooth the transition from blurry to crisp. 

5. They protect us from blue light

Blue light isn’t just from computers. The sun also emits blue light, which is why the sky is blue. Blue light from the sun is 100 times more intense than that from electronic and digital devices. Wearing sunglasses filters it out and prevents eye fatigue.

There’s always a good reason to wear sunglasses. And we haven’t even covered style! Sunglasses are already the ultimate fashion accessory. So browse our collections of frames. If you’d like to try on a pair, visit your nearest Opto-Réseau clinic.