3 resolutions for healthy eyes

It’s officially 2023! Here are 3 new year’s resolutions that will help you keep your eyes healthy.

Prevent dry eyes

Did you know that 340 million people around the world suffer from dry eye syndrome? This common condition occurs when a person does not produce enough tears to adequately lubricate their eyes. Symptoms include:

  • Prickling or burning eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eyes that feel heavy and tired
  • Difficulty with nighttime driving
  • Discomfort when wearing contact lenses
  • Stringy mucus in your eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes

There are several products and treatments available on the market to treat dry eye. Before purchasing these, you should first and foremost think about adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Staying hydrated, controlling humidity levels, and limiting your screen time are easy ways to alleviate visual discomfort.

In terms of products and treatments, options include lubricating eye drops, punctal plugs, ocular hygiene products, and omega-3 supplements. I-Med and Thea are renowned manufacturers that produce a wide selection of high-quality products designed to relieve dry eye symptoms. In severe cases, there are treatments that can unblock meibomian glands. Ask an expert at your clinic to find out if this treatment is right for you.

Wear sunglasses in the winter

It bears repeating again and again: sunglasses are essential year-round. Harmful UV rays can damage your eyes even in the winter, as can snow glare. If you plan to take part in any outdoor activity – including driving – you should wear sunglasses.

There are so many options that can protect your eyes from UV rays, including tinted, polarized, and light-reactive lenses. Moreover, every pair of sunglasses available at an Opto-Réseau clinic is certified UV 400: it will block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Photochromic lenses for their part are practical for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around two pairs of glasses with them. They react to the ambient brightness: they darken outdoors and go back to a clear state when inside. Choose the option that suits your lifestyle or ask your optician for advice.

No more eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is unfortunately a very common occurrence these days. If you are exposed to a screen for a prolonged period, you might experience symptoms of eye fatigue including blurry vision, headaches, dry or irritated eyes, a prickling sensation, or even pain around the eyes.

Fortunately, several big names such as Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor, and Nikon now produce lenses that can help prevent eye fatigue. Ask an expert at your Opto-Réseau clinic to explore the range of products available. They’ll help you find the best lenses for your needs.

Do you wear contact lenses? You might not have the product that’s right for your eye condition. You should opt for comfortable contact lenses that will keep your eyes lubricated and ensure a sharper vision. Alcon, Cooper, and Johnson & Johnson produce contact lenses with cutting-edge technology that mimics tears – allowing you to enjoy optimal vision during long, busy days. Moreover, you might want to consider using daily contact lenses. They’re another option that can help you keep your eyes healthy.