3 reasons to choose polarized sunglasses

Your eyes need protecting 12 months a year. During the summer months this is especially true. In fact, as the days get longer many of us start thinking about investing in a new pair of sunglasses.

At our clinic, our advisors and opticians will be able to make the best recommendations that suit your needs and lifestyle. And if you’re shopping for sunglasses, our experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about polarized lenses.

Read on to learn more about what makes polarized lenses so popular!

Why should you add a polarizing filter to your sunglasses?

When you visit one of our clinics, our advisors will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle habits to make sure they recommend the best options in line with how you’ll be using your new frames.

They might recommend polarized lenses if you answer yes to any of these 3 questions:

  1. Do you practice water or winter sports?
  2. Do you drive frequently?
  3. Would you like to limit glare and enjoy a more comfortable, clear vision when you’re outside?

Something tells us you probably answered yes to one or more of these questions.

Polarized lenses block a large amount of glare from light that’s reflected off surfaces. This means more comfort for your eyes and a sharper vision.

Xperior sun lenses from Essilor are a perfect example. They delivery 75% better contrast by reducing glare bouncing off surfaces such as water or snow.

Verres polarisés vs non polarisés

It’s also worth noting that polarized lenses can be added to nearly every frame. Consumers can now enjoy the most innovative products adapted to their specific needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for a pair of aerodynamic frames, the Xperio line now offers Stylistic Xperio lenses. These polarized lenses deliver a clear vision and are specifically designed for more rounded frames.

Different kinds of polarized lenses

The main difference between polarized lenses available in a clinic and the polarized sunglasses you’ll find in large stores or online comes down to the quality of the materials used.

High-quality materials are durable, impact and scratch resistant, light, and clear.

As our clinic’s advisors and opticians will explain, even though high-quality sunglasses are made with tinted lenses, they don’t necessarily make what you’re seeing any darker. Polarized lenses will not only protect you from UV rays and glare, they’ll also enhance colours, increase contrast, and provide you with a crisper vision.

verres polarisés vs non polarisés

The benefits of choosing your next pair of sunglasses at a clinic

Sunglasses tailored to your needs

Before you even choose your lenses, an optician will help you find the right pair of frames during a try-on session. That means your frames will be perfectly suited to your facial features, your tastes, and your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that you can try on frames with clear lenses even though you’re looking for sunglasses. That’s because every pair of frames available can be converted into sunglasses.

Once you’ve chosen your frames, you’ll be able to add a prescription, a polarized filter, or any other lens treatments you would like. You can also personalize your frames by adding a specific tint or coating (gradient, mirror, etc.).

Advisory and post-sales services

At Opto-Réseau, you’ll aways benefit from personalized service when you purchase your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

In fact, we offer a free adjustment service for the entire lifespan of your frames. Some clinics even offer free minor repairs. To try on new frames or for more information, book an appointment today.

Warranties and special offers

When you shop for your new sunglasses at Opto-Réseau, you’ll also benefit from our seasonal special offers. For instance, until June 15, 2022, you can save $75 on select pairs of sunglasses.

Purchasing sunglasses at Opto-Réseau comes with satisfaction and guarantees on certain products. For more information about the terms and guarantees available at your clinic, click here.